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A Chanel Espadrille Story

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have wanted to get my hands on a pair of Chanel espadrilles for years now so when I found these cute fuzzy numbers I simply couldn’t resist. Here’s who I managed to get my hands on them……….





Shirt – H&M/Skirt – Mango here/Bag – Gucci here/Shoes – Chanel/Sunglasses – Finest Seven here

Having spent years on end drooling over Chanel flats I decided that this would be the year I treated myself. I have always been someone who is strictly high street when it comes to clothes but I feel comfortable stepping it up a notch in the accessories department. I love designer handbags and shoes and until recently I had never managed to find designer pair of flats that I really wanted in my collection.

Every time I go to a Chanel store I ask if they have any espadrilles and I kid you not, for the past two years, every single time I have asked, the answer has been no. So almost defeated in my search I sought help from my Stylist Claire and she ensured me that very often the Chanel stores are quite coy with their stock so the trick is to act like you know they have them 😉 Chanel assistants work on commission so they are more likely to share their stock details with you if they think they are in for a sale!

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For these, I personally went to the Chanel in Selfridges which is my favourite Chanel in London – yes it’s not as pretty or as big as the other stores but I always find the staff so friendly in there. The shopping experience may be hindered by the amount of people in the shop but the staff are super helpful and always happy to rush around the rest of Selfridges to find what you are looking for. I was able to chose between 3 different colour variations of these cute fuzzy espadrilles (which trust me, never happens!) and the manager stood with me for almost half an hour whilst I mentally went through my wardrobe, tried on each pair about 10 times and then called my friends for advice! Buying Chanel is a big deal, I like to take my time 😉

These espadrilles were £420 and as you can see I went for the red pair but they also came in grey and pink. If you follow me on snapchat (sabrina.chakici) you will know that I have been LIVING in these ever since. I cannot describe to you the comfort of these bad boys! I have worn them on every plane ride, every day out in London, BBQ’s the works and even though they are quite a fun and unique colour combination they have surprisingly gone with pretty much everything in my wardrobe, I am so happy I went for this colour rather than the more common black & white pair as I have so much fun styling them up and I haven’t seen anyone else wearing them yet.

After all my gushing and raving about these beauts my friend Emma was in Harrods and saw a black leather pair in the Chanel store. Having heard how comfortable they were from me she took the plunge and bought a pair. When she bought them she said that the store was absolute bedlam, they sold out in minutes! So the fact that it took me years to find a pair makes sense!

If you are looking to invest my suggestion is to keep consistently asking for them when you are in a Chanel store – I took Claire’s advice and went straight into the Chanel, sat down and asked what espadrilles they had in a size 40  – remember, act like you know 😉

I love mine so much I have every intention on buying another pair if I spot them. I’m hoping, for my bank balance it will take another few years to land some though!







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  1. Gabby
    September 1, 2016 / 1:02 pm

    OMG – I am dying over these espadrilles! OK – now I know the trick I’ll try it next time 😉 x


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