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The Andaman Gem, Amari Phuket

Some of the best surprises boast a little familiarity. Last month I found myself unexpectedly back at one of my favorite hotels in Asia, The Amari Phuket. I returned to the South of Thailand spontaneously after spending a week on the paradise island of Koh Lipe and there was no place I would have rather stayed than here.

Since my visit in 2016 the hotel’s warm hospitality, amazing location and delicious food has always been kept safe in my memory and returning to spend a few more days at the property simply cemented them for me.

There’s always something specifically particular I remember about a hotel and with The Amari Phuket it was always the grand open-air Spa and signature treatment I received there.  No matter where in the world I have since traveled there’s been few spa experiences that top the tree house tale of Amari’s Breeze Spa. The hotel itself is beautifully tucked into where Phuket’s dreamy hillside meets the Andaman ocean and the Spa is the most perfect place in the resort to showcase ‘the best of both worlds’ location of the hotel.

Lead into the room view-first, the tree-house style suite has the most amazing view of the Andaman sea and the resort’s perfectly preened beach area. The suite has no fourth wall so you have a fully uninterrupted view of the island’s beauty all whilst getting a welcome foot bath before the start of the treatment. When we entered our room we had an extra sensory treat on top of the jungle soundtrack, fresh breeze, calming scents and stunning scenery as the spa team had run us the prettiest petal bath for an additional wow-factor welcome.

After two weeks in Thailand, getting a massage had become a daily occurrence so ending our trip in a luxury spa as opposed to a street side shack was indulgently perfect!

The treatment I chose started with an invigorating coconut scrub which after a few weeks in the sun was welcomed eagerly by my skin, the scrub was applied in a two stage process, the therapist first applied a warm oil to my skin and then sprinkled the coconut scrub onto the silky base, she then scrubbed in the now gritty product with vigor but also in the technique of a massage so despite the ‘awakening’ experience it was still a really relaxing process.

After the scrub I took an open air shower to remove the mixture and reveal my buttery smooth skin and I returned back to the bed for a full hour body massage. Using a few signature Thai techniques and the more stimulating Swedish style pressure my masseuse took me through an hours worth of pleasure and tension relief, all the while with me listening to the sounds of untouched nature and feeling the gentle warm tropical breeze on my skin.

After my massage, as part of this amazing two and a half hour treatment package I was given a facial, which again after near to a months daily sun exposure my skin was thirstily crying for and after an hour massage I was in the perfect state of mind to fully appreciate and enjoy the otherwise time consuming and tardy ritual of the standard cleanse tone and moisturize routine. I may have dozed of into dreamland (can you blame me listening to my spa story so far?) but I think I counted a six step process all of which was applied in a massage motion and all felt absolutely lush on my skin.

I’ve written a full review of the Amari Phuket here but this stay was even more special than my last as the sun decided to be kinder by being far more present on this recent occasion! So I was able to see the beauty of the hotel in a far more vibrant light.

Here’s what was just as good the second time round………

The food

If you are staying on one of the Club Ocean Wing rooms, as Nicole and I were, you also get access to the amazing club house and it’s the manager’s cocktail hour makes your stay at the Amari Phuket so special in my opinion. Every evening between between 5-7 there’s a full spread in the club house, I’m talking the full works, drinks on demand in the form of cocktails, wines, beers and of course soft drinks as well as a buffet you can help yourself to, wonderfully tiding you through until dinner (or, in our case on occasion, act as your dinner!). The refreshments are a welcome treat but the pretty setting of the clubhouse adds to the appreciative ambiance. Where the food and drinks are served guests are treated to a full view of the Sea and the gorgeous infinity pool that leads out to it (that they were no doubt just lazing at half an hour before heading up for cocktails).

The breakfast at the Amari is as extensive as they come, a ‘no need for imagination’ style spread. Then there’s the A-La-Carte restaurant La Gritta – here you can dine under stars and palm tress and the food is as amazing as the dreamy setting.

The location

One thing Aimee and I loved about the Amari when we stayed three years ago was the location. The hotel is, in my opinion, perfectly placed between the jungle and the sea and though the resort itself may require golf carts to get around, the hustle and bustle of the main town of Phuket and the infamous Patong Beach is just a quick down hill there and a short climb back. There’s also the option, of course, to opt for the the handy Asian transport of a Tuk Tuk to get into town and reach the action quicker for a small fare 😉

Amari is really well placed to take the obligatory day trips out to sea. All of the tour operators recognize the hotel in a instant and will all be able to offer pick up and drop off services for you and your travelling party. Though this isn’t a phuket guide in itself it’s my obligation as a travel writer to mention that if you are staining n Phuket it would be an actual crime to not book one or two day trips out to the scattered neighboring islands. The day trips are so cheap and whilst I don’t need to encourage you to ‘leave the hotel’ at any point it would be a crying shame not to see the true beauty of the south islands.

If you are travelling to the Phuket for the romance and adventure of the boat trips it’s one thing but if you do make it to the lively Thai town a visit to the ‘strip’ is an absolute MUST – even if just to see it.

Top Tip however, if any of the bar staff offer to play a game of connect four against you to pay for your drinks don’t ever think you have a chance of winning. Accept the game graciously but know that you will not only be paying for your round but every one working behind the bar will also be unwillingly treated to a drink on you too. No matter how good you THINK you are at Connect four……….they WILL be better.

As previously mentioned and always since remembered, the service at the Amari Phuket is outstanding. Every member of staff greets you with a smile and a helpful attitude and there doesn’t ever seem to be an issue or problem that can’t be tackled willingly by the team.

I’ve stayed at the resort now twice and have no hesitations in booking a third stay in the future!

Sabrina x

*My stay was hosted on a collaborative basis by the Marketing Team, I was not paid for this review, all opinions are my own.


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