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At a Crossroad

It’s been over a month since my last post, there is a reason for that.Whilst I won’t be answering the direct questions I’ve been asked or spilling my heart out online I wanted to make a reference to my absence here. I’ve spent the last few months living a very fast paced life both physically and emotionally and I needed some time to steady the process of a very big change. I took out an entire month to travel and attempt to soothe my soul BUT the time away from home wasn’t as therapeutic as I had hoped, in fact for the first time in my life the thought of ‘coming home’ was appealing.

With just the daily chore of where to explore I started to write. I have never written like this before but the words seemed to race into my keys.

It’s something new for me to publish here on C&C but my life is also new right now and so in the warmest way, it just seems right to share this first spill with you. I hope that it touches some hearts the way that it touched mine, I hope the meaning shines through, I hope the references all make sense but mostly, I hope to write and share again soon.

Thank-you, Sabrina x


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