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Don’t quit your day dream……….

Had I not, quit my day job, I wouldn’t be where I am now…….

Three years ago I took the leap of faith and left my well paid job in recruitment to peruse my dream career in TV and Radio. I have wanted to be presenter since childhood and had always planned to study journalism at university and then be snapped up by a great TV production company. The reality however was that after leaving university I needed to make money fast to pay all my student debts. With the BBC not knocking on my door (Clearly they had no idea how awesome I was!) I placed my details on which resulted in me falling into recruitment. I contacted numerous media agencies and companies during my lunch hours and weekends and I realised very quickly that in order to work in TV I would need to be an experienced presenter first.  The only way to do this in such a sought after industry was to work for free. As I needed money to support myself  I wanted to work on putting some savings aside and fast! So I was a bad ass hardworking recruiter, so much so that I made a great living in a very short space of time! I loved the buzz of the office and the money was great but there was always the bigger plan!

After 3 years of office slog I managed to save a good amount of money to be able to say goodbye to the daily rat race of the city.

My presenting career then began, and it was hard work, really hard work. After working nights, days and all holidays on the red carpet, casino channels, promotional videos and pretty much every other job you can in front of a camera, I am now able to treat TV Presenting as my full time job 😀 I present 3 times a week for the Jewellery Channel, I have my own radio show on Vibe 107.6 and I record voice overs for KISS FM and Bauer Media.

I am still working my way up and I hope to one day work for a mainstream TV channel but my point is I quit my day job and have never looked back! I really wanted to write this post to share my experience and maybe (I hope) inspire you lovely ladies. If you have a career dream, maybe it’s even the same path as me, there is nothing stopping you from reaching your goals. Formulate a plan, set realistic goals and work you ass off to achieve them!



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  1. Sarah-Lou
    November 28, 2014 / 4:53 pm

    Thank-you for sharing Sabrina, a very inspiring tale! Maybe one day you could write something similar as to how you started this blog, one day I hope to start my own as I love reading yours. X


  2. December 1, 2014 / 12:07 am

    Thank you for sharing. I would be interested to hear about your blog story as well.

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    xx, Jodi


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