Last week I jogged through London to support and amazing cause. I loved the route so much I thought it would be a great one to share for any of you wanting to fit in a little exercise with your city sightseeing 😉

This month brands and celebrities throughout the world are taking part in a global movement to help support the world’s water crisis, naming April as Earth Month. A brand that I am particularly a big fan of, Aveda is globally helping raise awareness and funds for those without access to clean running water, in the UK they are working closely with Water Aid to specifically help women in india who are without clean water in their homes. It’s hard to believe but on average, the women WaterAid support have to walk 5 miles a day for clean water to cook, clean, wash and most importantly drink.

So in aid of this amazing cause my friend Olivia Cox and I did a 5 mile jog through London and asked you guys on social media to help us to support this incredibly worthy campaign. You were all amazing on the day and we thank you for your donations but there is still time to support if you haven’t already. All you need to do is text ‘Aveda’ to 70123 and you’ll be donating £3 to WaterAid.

Now that there is still time to donate I wanted to share with you our route through London last week, this jog has long been one of my favourite so for those of you living in or planning to visit London I highly recommend it! Here goes:


Start out at Lancaster Gate Tube Station and jog south on West Carriage Drive through hyde park, cross the river then take a left when you reach South Carriage Drive all the way to Hyde Park Corner. Cross the road to Green Park and jog down Constitution Hill, when you reach Buckingham Palace stop for an obligatory tourist photo 😉

Once you’ve passed Buckingham Palace you’ll reach St James Park, run parallel with Birdcage Walk all the way to London’s iconic Big Ben and Westminster Bridge.


After you’ve reached the Bridge take a left and jog down The Embankment taking a short picturesque left detour when you reach WhiteHall Gardens.




When you reach the end of WhiteHall Gardens take a left and head up Northumberland Avenue to take a glance and London’s masterpiece statues in Trafalgar Square. For these next few monuments I highly recommend breaking out of a jog and doing a power-walk instead as these parts of London are very busy and therefore not jogger friendly!

When you arrive at Trafalgar Square go right onto The Strand and walk all the way down (past The Savoy) to Waterloo Bridge – a fabulous place to stop and take some more pictures, especially as you are walking now anyway 😉

Once over the bridge I personally like to walk back to the other side as I prefer the jogging space (and views) with the river to my left but either way you can continue all the way down The Embankment back to Big ben. This part of the jog, if the weather’s good, is my favourite as you’ll have Big ben in the distance and the London Eye to your side throughout most of the jog.



When you reach Big ben it’s time to run back to Lancaster Gate. You can either chose the same route or for a slightly shorter detour jog diagonally back through Hyde park. Or…..you could grab a cheeky coffee and continue the walk after breakfast 😉

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd that’s that, 5 miles down or 8km for those of you metre walkers 😉

Let me know if you do manage to take this route and it would be so amazing if you could help support Aveda in their quest to help women across the world gain access to clean water.



  1. Some great jogging routes here, some really stunning areas! I’m not a jogger however if I did jog it would be great to be surrounded by beauty that’s for sure.

    Incredible figure!

    Laura xo


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