Clutch and carry on - uk travel blogger - conrad maldives - travel blogger maldives-227Time for this month’s beauty favourites. I thought I’d mix things up a bit and show you all of my favourite travel beauty products, which, after returning from the amazing Conrad Maldives covers all of my March Faves anyway! 😉When I’m in a hot country I don’t really wear much make up, with my naturally pale skin I have to keep on top of my SPF so there’s little point in me wearing lots of products to then have to wash them off for sun lotion applications. So I swear by my waterproof mascaras and lip balms when in the heat. I am also a big fan of easy to apply powder bronzers and any base products that have an SPF of 30.

So these products I mention were my absolute go-to reaches for my recent trip away, first things first however, and even tough they are not technically products they fall under beauty and therefore make the top of my fave list; my eyebrow tattoos. Basically, in beauty terms, the best thing ever! No matter what state you caught me in on my many, many snapchats abroad, my eyebrows were always perfect, if I do say so myself 😉

I have to say this is one of the best things I have ever done, ascetically speaking, having complete and full eyebrows from the moment you wake up is an absolute game changer! I have also found since getting them done that I wear less make-up in general, I had no idea how much of a difference they would make, it’s not just my selfies that have benefitted but my bank balance too 😉 Having been through the procedure and aftercare process I would recommend permanent eyebrows to anyone I know and I would especially recommend my therapist, Sian Dellar. I was actually quite apprehensive about getting them done but since the first stroke of the needle I have never looked back!

I was lucky enough to visit one of the best in the biz to get my permanent brows, as well as being super lovely, Sian is so talented at the art of creating that perfect shape when it comes to brows. I went to her salon on Harley Street in February and the process was great, she put me at ease immediately and with the help of a rather awesome mixed CD I was drifting off as if I was there for a facial in minutes!  The process started with a consultation and after agreeing on a shape which was drawn, assessed and decided on, the physical tattooing started.  Having applied some numbing cream the hair strokes are etched into your skin with a needle – sounds super grim and scary but honestly, it’s really not that bad! Then afterwards Sian uses another machine to add some shaidng – this was more like a traditional tattoo machine, the one that buzzes? No idea what they are called. This bit I din’t feel at all.

There is some aftercare involved for a week after the application and they do require a top up a month later but as you can see from these pictures (which were taken 3 weeks after the first treatment) that’s all there is to it really! Waking up to perfect brows, jumping in and out of the sea with perfect brows and most importantly having perfect brows whilst slopping on the SPF! 
Clutch and carry on - uk travel blogger - conrad maldives - travel blogger maldives-175

Clutch and carry on - uk travel blogger - conrad maldives - travel blogger maldives-176

Clutch and carry on - uk travel blogger - conrad maldives - travel blogger maldives-170Moving on from my eyes to skincare, one of the most important steps when travelling to a hot country is skin prep. If, like me, you have very pale skin naturally and suffer from nasties like heat rash and prickly heat then this product is perfect for you. Elemis Tan Accelerator – quite pricey at £51.00 but something that I swear by. You apply some every morning and night two weeks before you go away and it preps your skin for the sunshine.

Teamed up with that I swear by Soltan. The sun lotion range from Boots – again this is the best product ever when it comes to prickly heat, the sensitive line especially, I only ever use factor 30 on holiday and SPF 50 on my face during the day. For the Maldives I used Soltan’s Sensitive Lotion SPF 30. This product has a milky consistency so it doesn’t clog up your pores, it smooths in well and absorbs into the skin quickly, I’m not someone who enjoys sunbathing but I am always swimming and prancing about on the beach so I always need good protection! I didn’t burn once in the Maldives, nor did I get prickly heat – so combining these two products definitely did the trick for me. Another tip for sun rash is to take antihistamines for two weeks before you go away.

When it comes to make-up, aside from my brows, all I ever need on holiday is bronzer, lips and mascara. I’ll also use my all time favourite product Perricone MD foundation serum if my skin isn’t clear – this is my most mentioned product of all time, this and my Dior Lip Glow. My two most used products, both of which I am wearing in the above pictures. I’ve have mentioned them before so have a read about both products here and here, they are very similar in the sense that they are super light products that enhance your natural glow.

Two newbie additions to my ‘holiday beauty must haves’ are Lancome’s Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof Mascara and Benefit’s Porefessional Powder. Both of which are now apart of my daily routine now I’m back in not so sunny England 😉 The mascara is amazing, gives me great a curl, volume and colour and lasts like the initial application all day. I would recommend this as a great holiday product and to those of you who, like me, have long but straight lashes. I forgot my eyelash curlers on the trip so thank Lancome for this baby!

The powder I only really used at night but it was a godsend in the humidity, it’s so simple to apply and it covers up my pores in seconds. It’s the perfect holiday product as I always get oilier skin when I’m in the heat – I take this out to dinner with me and top up during the evening, without it I find flash photography makes me look like a shining ghost, even with a tan! I also take it out and about with me during the day in London now too – I don’t think I could be without it now!

Then finally, bronzer! There’s no better product for when I have a tan than Hoola by Benefit. I have used this product since I was in my late teens and I have never found a better product for highlighting that holiday glow. Hoola is brown rather than orange in tone and therefore looks super natural when applied all over the face. It’s also an amazing product for contouring due to the deep shade, in the hollows of your cheeks especially. Nothing makes me darker in one sweep than this – and it always looks so natural. It’s amazing.

So there you have it for March, let me know if any of these are your own holiday faves and which other products you recommend I try – I am off to Thailand in May so I’ll be needing them all over again 😉





  1. It’s like you read my mind! That waterproof mascara looks fab I was waiting to hear what you had been wearing as you looked so beautiful on your daily snpachats x


    • Sabrina Reply

      Oh great, Sarah, it’s so good!!! I’d say go for it 😉 x


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