Whilst in Boliva it was only right that we took a trip to see the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world………..




At just under 11,000 square metres and over 3,500 metres above sea level the salt flats of Uyuni do, quite literally, take your breath away.

The view from this place is like nothing I have ever experienced before…….a blue and white glisten that seems to go on for days.



There is little to do in this place other than taking in the stunning views and bask in the sunshine although we did trek up one of the small islands to further extend our viewing pleasure!

The next day we also walked up the volcano that separates the flats from the town and discovered an abundance of wild llamas which was really special as they usually feed on the lower ground. It was amazing to be so close to these weird and wonderful animals.




As well as llamas we spotted a few wild dogs and these buddies, flamingos!

Quite an amazing experience that’s for sure. This was quite an easy post for me to write as unlike the galapagos, I found it quite easy to capture the beauty of this place in pictures 🙂

For those of you wanting to experience this amazing sight for yourselves I would highly recommend Crillion Tours for your excursion. They were fantastic. We had a private jeep and stayed in the area for 2 days – this for me was perfect, however we had a private jeep so were able to cover a wide area in a shorter space of time. If you book a group tour you will have to wait until 11am to head out onto the flats, as well as waiting for others at the designated stops, so you may need 3 days.

We stayed at the Palacio de Sal which is a hotel made entirely from salt bricks. It was a great hotel in terms of the design, a little magical actually to see the entire structure made from salt! The rooms were clean and large but the food was very basic – a good stay in a remote area though, I would say it’s the best option for the location.

My husband suffered terribly from altitude sickness whist we were there, they have oxygen on standby but if you are planning to stay in Uyuni I would recommend grabbing some medication in the UK to take out with you in case you suffer. Otherwise drink lots of the coca tea (the local remedy that is quite yummy!).

Planning to travel here and have some burning questions for me? Please feel free to comment below…..

It’s off to the Amazon Jungle for me!



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