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5 Short Escapes to See Out Summer

Living in Europe is a sweet deal when it comes to travelling during the summer months. There are so many amazing places within a few hours of each other to explore and with each destination offering their own unique character and charm it’s tough to choose exactly where to commit to.

Over these last few months whilst the UK has been blessed with a smashing few months of sunshine I’ve been lucky enough to visit 10 countries since May and the majority of my travels have been on my doorstep here in Europe. So before the last of our continents warmer days are over, here’s a little synopsis of my last five destinations and why they are all, in my opinion perfect places to travel to in the next few weeks, should the need for spontaneous creep up on you 😉

Rapallo, Italy

Though Paris may often take the lead role as the city of love it’s Rapallo that had me head over heels in lust after amy recent visit. For a truly luxury escape from day-to-day the Luigira coast of Italy is a European showstopper. The pastel coloured cliff edge buildings that line the shore highlight the beautifully dazzling Mediterranean blues below. Renting your own chug chug boat is the best way to see the destination in it’s finest form and having the freedom of exploring the tucked away beach coves and dreamy architecture towering above makes for the perfect get-a-way with an extravagant touch, there’s then all that delicious Italian food to indulge in when back on land 😉

Salzburg, Austria

This small but stunning city is a destination with unique historical charm and has the added beauty of being nestled in amongst miles of lush mountains scenery which just adds to the drama and intrigue of this Austrian gem. Salzburg’s old town is one of the best preserved in the Alps with adorable pastel coloured buildings and cobbled streets making the now UNESCO world heritage site a must-visit.

As the birthplace of Mozart and the scenic backdrop of the ultimate feel good film The Sound of Music, Salzburg has so much to offer wandering tourists and the best bit? It’s almost entirely possible to discover on foot.

Ibiza, Spain

The white isle has always been a favourite of mine for the perfect last minute escape from London, it’s so close and yet visually seems so far! The crystal clear waters of Cala Comte rival shore-lines in the Indian Ocean and the luxury resorts rival those world wide. The island has always had something to offer everyone, from fine dining and flamboyant partying with the A-Listers to more family friendly beaches and social clubs. It’s also one of the closest and most affordable flights from the UK.

Budapest, Hungary

A perfect September city break would be Budapest, the city rivals London in being ‘alive’ twenty four seven. There’s enough history and culturally significant architecture to appeal to history buffs and intellectually curious travellers as well as picturesque sights and scenes for the more modern instagram generation of explorers. Bars and restaurants are a plenty with most people heading to the city specifically for the nightlife itself.

Paris, France

Paris is always a good idea, so close to home and so much to offer incoming tourists. Whether you choose to stay in the city of love enjoying the Parisian cuisine whilst gazing up in awe at one of the many famous monuments or you escape the central buzz to another world entirely. Just a short journey from the metropolitan hub is the magical land of Disney, where regardless of your age you can utilise the whim and wonder to escape reality, even if just for a day!



  1. Arabella Wright
    September 26, 2018 / 5:47 pm

    Italy and Greece are definitely my fave for slightly off season retreats (less kids around which is great).

    loving all these pics too!

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