sabrina-chakici-clutch-and-carry-on-clutch-carry-on-uk-travel-blogger-nyfw-isa-arfen-pink-ress-gucci-silver-shoes-net-a-porter-helicopter-5 That time Net-A-Porter dresses you head to toe and flies you over New York in a private helicopter, you know, casual Wednesdays ;)

London’s Last Summer Look

Oct 4, 2016
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA So long summer, you've been amazing!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Looking for the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the big apple? I've got you covered ;)

New York Fashion Week with E!

Sep 29, 2016
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For the world’s fashion elite there is no better place to see or be seen than New York Fashion Week, so naturally, E! UK & Ireland wanted a slice of the action!
sabrina-chakici-clutch-and-carry-on-clutch-carry-on-uk-travel-blogger-uk-style-blogger-folli-follie-itsallinthedetails-iamfollifollie-2When it comes to London Fashion Week it's all about managing your time, jumping between shows and presentations and changing outfits in-between to ensure the paps don't catch the same look twice can be tiring!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Having just returned from the spectacular chaos that is New York Fashion Week I wanted to share with you my do’s and don'ts for conquering fashion week like an instagram pro.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Now that the madness of Fashion Week has calmed down for me it's time to start sharing all the spectacular chaos with you guys on here and my first outfit leads to a rather unexpected conversation..........
sabrina-chakici-e-host-nyfw-lookxe-eallaccess-clutchandcarryon-com-clutch-carry-on-peter-pilotto-dress-net-a-poter-3Finally a moment to breath amonst the madness of New York Fashion Week, now let me get to writing ;)