An Alternative Guide to Moorea, Tahiti

‘Tahiti, Tahiti, Tahiti. Where the mountains reach up high to touch the heavens, and the heavens wander low to kiss the sea.’ wise and wonderful words that accompany those idyllic images of crystal clear waters and powder white beaches. The islands of the French Polynesia sit at the very top of most traveler wish lists with the tropical allure and heartwarming culture inviting tourists to enjoy the real life utopia year after year.

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Polynesian Paradise at Conrad Bora Bora Nui

Bora Bora is one of the most popular paradise escapes in the world. With stunning white beaches and enviable turquoise waters, the island is enriched with romance and wonder. The most famous island in The French Polynesia boasts a majestic lagoon with an ocean fringe that glistens for miles and small secluded islands painting postcard perfect pictures. Having now visited the island for myself I’d be shocked to discover that the word ‘paradise’ was not created as a direct result of someone travelling to Bora Bora! View Post

My Ultimate Dream of Swimming with Humpback Whales

Since I was ‘Yay-high’ my ultimate dream was to see whales and dolphins in the wild and to actually swim with the majestic mammals of the ocean. When other children would switch up their show-and-tell’s weekly from what toy they played with at the weekend, to what amazing treat they bought back from their holiday, I would opt for something a little different. Every week, I would lug to school my trusty self-filled filofax of whale and dolphin facts and my stuffed toy, Danny the Dolphin. Taking it upon myself to teach the class all of my latest discoveries! View Post