My Keys Road Trip

Over my last few years of near-consistent travelling I have rented a car whilst abroad on many occasions but last week was a little different as for the first time, I got behind the wheels myself and ventured out onto the 12 lane stretches solo!

My 18 Top Travel Experiences of 2018

Once again we’ve blinked and the new year is here. It’s been a whirlwind year for me in every sense but when it comes to travel I’ve had another amazing year of incredible experiences and world-wide adventures. I spent time in 24 different countries and ticked a few things off my near completed bucket list.

As a nod to the year we’re sending off I’ve narrowed my best experiences down to just 18, it wasn’t easy but here goes!

Dubai’s Sandy Safari

Despite it’s well-earned rep of being a cosmopolitan city of ‘after dark’ action, the country of Dubai has so much more to offer than the glittering skyline. Take yourself just half an hour out of the city and you’ll feel as though you’ve traveled to an entirely different world.