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D Maris Bay: Where Nature’s Beauty Meets Unparalleled Luxury

Seamlessly nestled into the stunning turquoise Turkish coastline, D Maris Bay is one of those mirage-like resorts you just have to see to believe. Last month I had the pleasure of visiting this magnificent resort and after just two nights at the property I returned home with a definitive decision that D Maris Bay is now one of my favorite hotels in the world.

The Location

Situated on the southwestern coast of Turkey, in the picturesque Datça Peninsula, D Maris Bay is a 2 hour drive from Dalaman Airport and just 40 minutes from Marmaris. Though it’s just a mere 4 hours flying distance from London, the spectacular scenery will have you pinching yourself that you made it to such a paradise in such a short space of time. Wandering through the resort grounds feels like crossing continents at a time with so much varying natural beauty and charm.

This extraordinary hotel perches atop a peninsula in the scenic south-western region of Turkey, offering an all-encompassing 360° view of the Aegean Sea. Boasting an impressive 3 mile entrance, the resort is surrounded by lush pine forests, a handful of secluded coves, spectacularly kept gardens and stunning cliffs, providing the most serene and tranquil atmosphere. Though surrounded by the luxuries you feel so connected with nature and every corner of the property has a photo-worthy view.

Forget traveling long haul to Thailand or Tahiti, D Maris Bay offers UK Tourists an extraordinary vacation experience!

Luxury Accomodation

D Maris Bay offers an array of lavish accommodations with 192 rooms and suites and additional villas.  We spent two nights in a Deluxe Room with Sea view and it was just perfect. The space itself was large with a lavishly dressed bed, double vanity sink, a separate room with a large bathtub and an additional room with the shower and WC. Our spacious balcony offered an incredible view of the scattered bays and the superyachts docked within them. The room was filled with personal and luxury touches from ‘wish cards’ to Hermes toiletries.

The Beaches

This truly fairytale-like retreat boasts six stunning beaches, each with its own unique set-up and charm. We felt as though each beach transported us to another country in the world and loved that no two scenes were the same. Whether you prefer a sandy cove or a pebbled bay, stairs into the sea or a shallow wading entrance you’ll find your perfect spot to unwind and soak up the Mediterranean sunshine. For those seeking adventure, the resort offers an array of water sports activities, including sailing, windsurfing, and scuba diving, however we had limited time during our stay so we kept our adrenaline activity strictly to yacht spotting.

The resort is so large the beaches, though all connected by land and road, can be travelled to and from via water taxi. The stunning Italian Riviera style boats lull you into a sense of country exploration. You hop in from a beach that feels like Greece and just 5 minutes across the sea you feel like you’re in Thailand!


When it comes to dining at D Maris Bay there are 6 restaurants to choose from but the breakfast really sets the tone for the entirety of your stay. The extravagant buffet in the am is by far the most impressive breakfast spread l I have seen in my 7 years as a luxury travel blogger. So much so that I traveled to Greece the week after my stay and overheard a couple on a breakfast table next to me also boasting that ‘The Breakfast at D Maris Bay is the best in the world’.  Everything you could ever imagine being available to you for your first meal is, from mouthwatering Turkish delicacies to international gourmet cuisine.

Watch the full tour in my latest Youtube Video here:

For daytime bites we enjoyed the buzz of the on-site beach club, La Guerite. This swanky sand base is one of 3 in the world (including Cannes and St Barths) and renowned for providing a luxurious beach day for international guests looking for class and sophistication within a ‘vibey’ atmosphere. There’s a DJ and bottle service for the busier event days, otherwise you can simply rest on one of the plush daybeds whilst sampling from the delicious mediterranean menu. 

One evening we went to the hotel’s Greek restaurant, Manos. This was a real treat for me with Greek food being my favourite cuisine, and having visited the Greek islands 25+ times I felt right at home 😉

Manos fabulously sets an authentic scene with the decor depicting a typical Greek fishing village and the menu showcasing some of the country’s best dishes. The food is great but the atmosphere is epic. The staff don’t just wait on you, they all ensure that you have the time of your life with everyone dancing in the centre of the restaurant (even on tables at one point) and a traditional plate smashing ceremony, it was such a fun experience. 

Finally D Maris Bay is also home to the world-renowned Zuma. This contemporary Japanese restaurant is famous for its fabulously decadent izakaya dining but the setting at D Maris Bay is truly spectacular with a half roof and two open air kitchens. The mood is as sexy and classy as you would expect from the brand and the food is so inventive and beautifully presented.

In conclusion if you are looking for a truly decadant short-haul vacation with what feels like the world at your feet then D Maris Bay is the perfect choice.

If I make it back there in my lifetime the pleassure would truly be all mine.


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