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Neano Escape, Eastern Bali Bliss

Neano Escape Bali

It’s been a while since we last caught up but rest assured I’ve been a busy bee when it comes to life and adventures around the globe! Having just returned home from a month long trip away I’m itching to share with you some of my best finds in my recent travels. I stayed in over 30 hotels in 2023 and Neano Escape was undeniably one of my favorites! 

As always recommendations from me will be suitable for those who appreciate the finer things in life, Neano Escape stands as a testament to luxury redefined.

As fortunate as I am to have stayed in some of the best resorts in the world there are still hotels that make me giddy with excitement on arrival and Neano Escape was one of them.

Tucked away in the heart of East Bali, this exclusive retreat seamlessly blends opulence with the region’s natural beauty. Having travelled to all corners of the island in my opinion there is no comparison to the sheer amount of lush vegetation that grows tall in the East.

Neano Escape is an architectural marvel. The hotel design seamlessly integrates into the lush scenery of towering palm trees and distant ocean views with a contemporary elegance that highlights the untouched backdrop. Though the accommodation interiors are sleek and modern, the exterior design perfectly captures the rich heritage of Bali.

The Rooms

During my short stay of two nights my villa was a private sanctuary with what I would argue had the best view in the entire resort. The space was expansive with stunningly high ceilings, a huge bedroom living space, separate dressing room and large bathroom. The style was modern with concrete washed walls and floors, natural fresh linens and all the amenities a five star resort. The outside balcony space was not only impressive by scenic positioning but also in size. Set up with a dining table and chairs, a wrap around glass frame and a teak swinging chair.

Personalized Service:

At Neano Escape, luxury is not just about aesthetics; it’s about the unparalleled service that caters to your every need. From personalized concierge services to private spa treatments, the staff at Neano Escape is committed to making your stay a seamless and indulgent affair. Upon arrival you are given a whatsapp number to connect with the hotel team, this number can be used to order room service, book activities or ask for anything else you may need during your stay.

The food at the resort was truly delicious though I always find myself somewhat biased when it comes to being a ‘food critic’ on here as I’m vegetarian and a creature of habit – I ate the same vegetarian Nasai Gorang at every place I visited in Bali so take my culinary advice with a pinch of salt 😉

Virgin Beach

Though the resort itself is secluded there is the opportunity to explore East Bali if you have your own set of wheels or by booking a driver. A day trip I would highly recommned is Virgin Beach which is a rugh 30 minutes drive from Neano Escape.

Nestled away from the bustling tourist hubs, Virgin Beach, also known as Pasir Putih, is a slice of paradise that remains untouched by the crowds. The beach is protected and therefore you pay a small entry fee before heading down a scenic drive towards the large stretch of white sand. 

The beach itself is, in my opinion, exactly what you would hope for an expect from an Indonesian beach. It’s rustically charming with a handful of small business beach restaurants that offer a bed set up for a fee. I paid the equivalent of £2 for two beds and an umbrella for the entire day. The restaurants also offer ‘table’ service to said bed with a full food and cocktail menu.

This beach was easily my favorite beach in all of Bali, the water was perfectly clear and turquoise and the sand stays beneath your feet for what feels like miles when you enter the water. It’s a frolickers haven 😉 Should you have your mask and fins handy there are vibrant areas for snorkeling. On top of being actively in the water there’s also a flurry of masseuses wandering up and down the beach offering their services. I indulged in a 30 minute foot massage for the grand total of £4!!

When traveling around Bali I would usually book all my transport via the Gojek app but being so secluded at Neano I wasn’t able to get a pick up. I instead requested a driver with the hotel, I’m sure this would have been a heavily marked up price but it was still exceptionally reasonable. I paid the equivalent of £25.00 for the driver to take me to Virgin beach (a 30 minute drive) and back. This fee also included my driver waiting with me for a few hours whilst I enjoyed the beach. It was handy to have him there and show me the best place to set up for the day. If you have your own wheels though there’s a car park there, I highly recommend you set yourself up at Fisherman Cafe. When you arrive at the airport, walk through the trees to get to the beach itself and then turn left.

Though I only stayed here two nights I loved it so much and highly recommned!


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