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Things to do in Gstaad, In Winter

Things to do in Gstaad Having just returned from the whimsical winter wonderland myself here’s my top fifteen exciting things to do in Gstaad, in Winter. The swanky Swiss destination stole a place in my heart last month and having expressed my love in a previous post it’s now time for me to showcase exactly what you can get up to should you plan a trip of your very own!

1. Hit The Slopes – Skiing in Gstaad

The number one thing to do is go Skiing in Gstaad, which I’m sure comes as no surprise seeing as most people heading to Gstaad in winter are setting out to Switzerland to do just that! The slopes are varied between challenging and intermediate and there’s a great range of scenery to enjoy. My personal recommendation would be to head up to Glacier 3000 for the ultimate wow factor wooshing!

Skiing in Gstaad

Skiing in Gstaad

2. Marvel in the wonder of Glacier 3000

For me, a trip Gstaad wouldn’t be complete without revelling in the dramatic scenery and enjoying the breathtaking views of Diablerets Glacier . For a true once in a lifetime experience on your trip enjoy a day at Glacier 3000. Whether you chose to sport down the slopes, take a hike through the glistening terrain or simply enjoy a warm meal with an unmatched view at Refuge L’Espace, it’s an activity not to be missed in Switzerland, let alone Gstaad.

What to do in Gstaad

What to do in Gstaad in Winter

3. Stay in a Luxury Hotel – Hotels in Gstaad

One thing’s for sure in Gstaad, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to booking your hotel. There’s so many incredible luxury boutique hotels that are all well equipped in making you feel like an absolute superstar whilst staying there. My personal top picks would be Le Grande Bellevue and The Alpina.

Hotels in Gstaad

Hotels in Gstaad

4. Dine at a Michelin Restaurant

Along with the five star opulent residences, each luxury hotel also boasts fabulous restaurants with Michelin stars being awarded year after year in Gstaad. You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to fine dining in town and ‘dressing up’ is welcomed, (though not always obligatory) at every setting.

Where to eat in Gstaad

Where to eat in Gstaad

5. Relax at the spa

After over indulging on gourmet food or adrenaline seeking on the slopes a trip to the spa is an absolute must. Most of the luxury hotels offer complimentary spa access to their guests otherwise you can pay for a day pass or specific treatments. Le Grande Bellevue has the largest indoor facility with a thermal oasis that consists of 17 different rooms to soothe and awaken your senses. Otherwise, enjoy the fresh alpine air whilst taking a novel dip in the heated outdoor pool tucked into the snow at The Alpina.

12 Things to do in Gstaad in Winter

Hotels in Gstaad

6. Have Fondue on Wheels

A new addition to the long list of things to do in Gstaad is the option to enjoy a cheese fondue whilst in a moving sleigh. Travel through the pretty town with a bubbling pot of hot cheese in front of you to dip in and out of at your leisure.

12 Things to do in Gstaad in Winter

12 Things to do in Gstaad in Winter

7. Enjoy a frosty tipple in an Igloo

Something rather unique (albeit a little gimmicky) is the pop-up igloo set up at the luxury hotel Park Gstaad. Outside are bundles of hay with warm fluffy blankets to cosy up with and inside is a novel winter wonderland interior, complete with a mechanical wooly mammoth! During the day you can enjoy the whimsical scene with a warm drink and during the evening the igloo comes becomes a hip hangout with a live DJ set.

Gstaad in Winter

Gstaad in Winter 2023

8. Have breakfast on your balcony

Room service breakfast is an absolute must whilst staying in Gstaad. Whether you bear the ‘brrrrrr’ and dine outside with your stunning view of the mountains or indulge in a morning cheese plate indoors. The luxury in the lack of effort for your morning meal is such a treat before an action packed day in the mountains.

12 Things to do in Gstaad in Winter

12 Things to do in Gstaad in Winter

9. Go Fat Biking in the snow

For those who might usually put off travelling to snowy destinations due to a lack of interest in skiing Gstaad could be the winter destination to entice you. Rather than clicking into a board to be active whilst away you can jump on something more familiar to explore and enjoy the amazing scenery. Just like a regular bike in it’s handling but with thick ‘snow-ready’ wheels you can take to the mountains without the fear of a tumble and fall!

Gstaad in Switzerland

Gstaad in Switzerland

10. Ride a two horse open sleigh

A rather novel way to have a tour of the town is via horse ridden sleigh. There’s a few options to chose from but most will pick you up from your hotel and take you for an authentic spin around town! Most have a furry sidekick to pet too 😉

12 Things to do in Gstaad in Winter

12 Things to do in Gstaad in Winter

11. Rent a car and Explore

Though Gstaad is a relatively small town the scenic beauty knows no bounds, therefore renting a car allows you to explore at your own leisure the endless winding roads of snowcapped mountains and quaint traditional towns.

12 Things to do in Gstaad in Winter

Things to do in Gstaad

12. Enjoy world famous art

Gstaad is a location enjoyed by the affluent and with such luxury on offer in terms of accommodation the art scene is also very prominent in town. You can wander round the open galleries in the main centre or glide past masterpieces on your way to dinner. The Alpina, for instance, has an exceptional collection of it’s very own and all can be viewed at leisure whilst dining or enjoying live music in the hotel lobby.

12 Things to do in Gstaad in Winter 12 Things to do in Gstaad in Winter


  1. January 30, 2018 / 10:06 am

    You have seriously, seriously sold me on Gstaad!

    • Sabrina
      February 5, 2018 / 5:01 pm

      Oooh this makes me happy!!! I can’t wait for you to go 😀

  2. March 15, 2018 / 11:48 pm

    Great post and video too! I am headed to Gstaad in 2 weeks, staying at the HUUS. Can’t wait – thanks for the inspiration and tips!

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