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5 Amazing things to do in Borneo, in a short space of time

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Travelling to Malaysia for a short time? Here’s 5 amazing things to do in Borneo for those of you looking to mix in a little adventure on a luxury escape to the second largest island in Asia.  

The island of Borneo is the famous humble home to many of the worlds remarkably rehabilitated Orangutans. Each year thousands of travellers make the trip to Malaysia to come face to face with the amazing animals, very often staying in Borneo for just a few days at a time. For those of you thinking about making such a trip I would highly recommend adding on an extra day or two to your wildlife excursion. In those few extra days you probably won’t have time to climb the famous Mount Kinabalu BUT there are still a few other amazing things to do on this incredible island.

1-Snorkel in Paradise

Head to Sapi island on one of the daily scheduled boat trips from Kota Kinabalu. Most operators will offer a trip to Manukan on the same excursion, both are truly worth the visit for those seeking a little Malaysian wanderlust. The sea here is beautifully clear and displays the some of the most dreamy turquoise waters in all of Malaysia. You can enjoy snorkelling in the shallow waters or chose to wander round the island and relax on one of the less populated pristine beaches. It can be a tourist swarm but if you are happy to explore a little finding your own slice of paradise is really easy to do.

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2-Fly from Island to Island

The famous Coral Flyer Zip line is a great way to mix in a little adventure with some spectacular sight seeing without having to break a sweat! The line starts on Gaya Island and finishes on Sapi Island. You can easily add it in to a boat excursion from Kota Kinabalu (see above). There’s no need to pre-book, go to the desk on the main jetty at Sapi island and once you have paid for your ticket (RM 68  which is approximately £12.00) you are driven over to the opposite island where you walk up into the trees and strap in for the amazing ride!

5 amazing things to do in Borneo, Coral Flyer Zip Line

3-Visit the Orangutans

It wouldn’t be right to visit Borneo without enjoying a truly life changing experience of seeing the Wild Orangutans at The Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre. I have written about my own personal experience of the day here, it was, truly amazing and I highly recommend the trip!

Orangutans in Sabah Borneo, Things to do in Borneo Malaysia_-15

4-Have Breakfast with a View

If you are looking to combine amazing views with delicious food it doesn’t get better than breakfast in the privately owned rainforest at The Shangri-La Rasa Ria resort. Once home to Orangutans and now still listed as one of the best hotels in Malaysia, having breakfast here is treating yourself to an unmatchable wake-up call! Book a room for the night in the ocean wing and enjoy a rose petal filled bubble bath too – luxury at it’s finest!

shangri la rasa ria, borneo,

5-Nosey at Nocturnal Animals

Also at The Shangri-La Rasa Ria you can join one of the evening Night Time Nature Walks to see exactly what and who comes out in the rainforest after dark. Complete with a pair of night vision goggles you are guided through the rainforest in the pitch black with a professional to search for animals that you would never usually be able to see during the say. Having walked the guided tour myself I was lucky enough to see tarantulas and a bear cat.

Orangutans in Sabah Borneo, Things to do in Borneo Malaysia_-101

Hopefully I’ll be hearing all your own stories about Borneo soon 😀




  1. June 1, 2017 / 8:51 am

    I would LOVE to visit Orangutans in Bourneo!! What an awesome experience!!

  2. Emma Slade
    June 2, 2017 / 11:20 am

    That zip wire looks like SOOOOO much fun!!!!!!

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