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5 Reasons Mauritius should be on your Travel Wish List


Known for soda-white beaches and crisp turquoise waters this small tropical island certainly lives up to it’s reputation as a honeymooner’s favourite but for me, there is so much more to the island of Mauritius than it’s awe inspiring natural beauty.
Having recently visited the mountainous marvel I was pleasantly surprised with all that there is to in Mauritius and blown away with the amazing unique opportunities the destination has to offer. If Mauritius has ever been on your radar as a place you might like to visit then these five reasons below should be sure to seal the deal!

1.Amazing Water Visibility

If water is your thing and like me, the ocean is your ultimate escape then Mauritius is your perfect paradise. The Indian Ocean has long been favourite of mine, that picture-perfect turquoise colour gets me every time and the water visibility is second to few locations in the world. What’s so great about Mauritius is the marine life is as vibrant and bountiful as the palm tress that fringe the water’s edge, with an array of tropical fish to gawk at every time to you dip your mask in and water so clear you can see for what seems like miles!

1. Sabrina Chakici - Estilla - Mauritius (6 of 6)Dinarobin Beachcomber Resort 

2. Luxurious Living

Mauritius is home to a number of world class hotels. The island has enough adventure to offer those who seek it but returning home from exploring to delightful extravagant touches in your hotel room is what sets this place apart. There are over 45 five star hotels in Mauritius to chose from, most with stunning sandy beaches, mountainous backdrops and award winning spas. Luxury travellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the perfect paradise chambre!

Sabrina Chakici - Clutch & Carry-On - Mauritius - Beachcomber hotel mauritius, trox aux biches, dinarobin beachcomber resort (79 of 202)Beachcomber Hotels & Resorts Sabrina Chakici - Clutch & Carry-On - Mauritius - Beachcomber hotel mauritius, trox aux biches, dinarobin beachcomber resort (128 of 202)

3. Secluded Horse Riding on the Beach

Mauritius can feel like a very secluded island as there are so many beautiful beaches yet to be populated by tourists or resorts. The south side of the island offers incredible views of Le Morne Mountain, a UNESCO world heritage site and here you can take a stroll on the sand in a unique and memorable way, via horseback. There are very few opportunities to ride making the stroll even more memorable as it will only be you and your companions on the beach at any given time.


Clutch and carry on - Mauritius travel blog - horse riding on the beach Mauritius


4. Epic Mountain Climbs

If adventure is your thing, take a break from sun bathing or swimming in the crystal clear waters and head up. Mauritius has the unique charm of being home to a number of mountains which are protected by national parks, not only can you climb up to enjoy the view you can also wander past stunning waterfalls and tropical valleys. The mountains range from easy to hard climbs but every one has it’s own unique and breathtaking view.

IMG_9195Le Morne MountainIMG_9201

5. Swimming with Wild Dolphins 

Saving the best for last – Arguably one of the most desirable experiences for animal and marine-life lovers is to swim with dolphins in the wild. Mauritians make this dream come true all year round!

In the South West of the island the majestic mammals dance and sing every morning and allow us mere humans to join in the party 😉 You travel out to their underwater playground on a boat and after spotting them on the surface you quite simply jump in! I was lucky enough to do this on a recent trip to the island (I wrote about it here) and I have to say, it was one of THE best experiences of my whole entire life. Seeing dolphins on the surface water is magical but being a part of their world is beyond anything you could ever dream of. If no other point has encouraged you to jump on a plane then this one alone would be, for me, enough reason to visit Mauritius!

Sabrina Chakici - - Swiming with Dolphins Mauritius (4 of 20)
Sabrina Chakici - - Swiming with Dolphins Mauritius (13 of 20)







  1. March 30, 2017 / 10:32 am

    Your underwater pictures were truly incredible!

  2. Meghan
    March 31, 2017 / 12:26 pm

    SOLD! I didn’t know too much about Mauritius but it really does look perfect! x

  3. Omar
    April 1, 2017 / 2:16 pm

    Nice great snaps for underwater

  4. October 4, 2017 / 9:49 am

    Ahhhhh thanks for sending this to me Sabrina! I’m so excited for my trip. Your pics are totally stunning. Bring it on!! x

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