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Anguilla, The Food & Stay Guide

Following on from my un-willing introduction to the stunning island of Anguilla last week, now’s the post for the nitty gritty low-down when it comes to the best of the best accommodations and restaurants. There’s little persuasion needed to encourage your visit to this corner of paradise after presenting pictures of the world-renowned beaches but whilst I have your heightened attention let me aid the more practical side of planning your stay.

Anguilla is one of the classiest islands in The Caribbean, luxury living amongst a natural laid back atmosphere is the main ethos and everyone got the memo! After spending a few nights there I came to a conclusion that the island had something similar to a members club ‘Guest List only’ policy and those with a large smile and a little wealth (Ok……maybe more than a little!) are the only people allowed in.

The island itself is relatively small and with the stunning azure-blue ocean as your backdrop, daytime activities are covered. Whether you chose to be on it by partaking in water-sport activities or heading out on a boat ride, be in it by swimming or snorkelling or be by it by lazing on the beach. That being said, I’d like to focus this post on homing and feeding you in-between splashes πŸ˜‰ 

Getting There

Anguilla is one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets and the adventure of getting there makes it all the more special! A flight from Antigua will have you there within 30 minutes but those unnerved by small aircrafts also have the option of arriving via boat from St Martin.

Anguilla A List - Anguilla Luxury Travel Guide Where to StayΒ 

On an island with so many luxurious accommodation options, where to lay down your well rested head in the evenings it’s a tough choice between extravagance and opulence. I wouldn’t wish such a difficult task on anyone πŸ˜‰ Luckily for me, I was in Anguilla as a guest of the Tourist board so my decision was already made for me. Should you be struggling to choose between hotels, here’s a sweet little breakdown for you.

Cuisin Art – The Active Option

During my recent stay in Anguilla I was based at the Cuisin Art Hotel. The lush beachside resort has everything I needed and more for a comfortably indulgent stay. The property features over 90 rooms and 7 villas and is equipped for the most active of travellers with a professional golf course and diving school on site. 

The spa here is one of the largest in the Carribbean and combined with it’s sports facilities and daily activity schedules it makes for the perfect wellness get-a-way.

The Cuisin Art also has a sister stay option, The Reef by Cuisin Art, which is another great place to enjoy the pristine stretch of sand in-front of the properties. This resort is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the world and has a more contemporary design and modern holiday ethos. It caters more to the younger demographic with couples and adult groups opting to stay here over Cuisin itself. When staying at one hotel you have the benefit of using the facilities of both.

Belmond Cap Juluca – The Showstopper

The Belmond as a brand name is well known for boasting impressive architecture in spectacular settings and the Belmond Cap Juluca does not disappoint when it comes to living up to such prestige.

The entire resort is a luxury ‘home from home’ with one-of-a-kind furnishings and bespoke designs throughout the property. Every open space is invites you to grab a book from the shelf and leisurely take some much needed time to yourself.

Built within a small cove-like section of the beach the sand to ocean fringe that stretches down through the whole property is aesthetically outstanding. Though there are many awarded ‘Best’ beaches in Anguilla it was the calm crystal clear water in front of the Belmond Cap Juluca that I awarded my personal favourite on the island. Due to the location and natural break in Caribbean waves the location makes for the perfect tropical swimming pool. 

With a high percentage of returning affluential visitors the hotel pays amazing attention to detail making each and every guest feel special…….as if that view alone wouldn’t entice you back!

Zemi Beach Club – The Beachy Boutique

Anguilla A List - Anguilla Luxury Travel Guide

The hotel that I was most intrigued and excited to see was the famous Zemi Beach hotel. Located on the world’s best beach the boutique resort is celebrated and well-recognized within the luxury travel market……..rightly so.

The picture perfect location combined with charming personal touches makes for one of the best beachside resorts in the Caribbean. The resort is home to an Asian inspired spa that is so authentic, it was actually built and shipped from Thailand. A visit allows you to cross continents whilst indulging in a relaxing traditional massage. 

Malliouhana – The Trendsetting Stay

Anguilla A List - Anguilla Luxury Travel Guide Anguilla A List - Anguilla Luxury Travel Guide Anguilla A List - Anguilla Luxury Travel Guide Anguilla A List - Anguilla Luxury Travel Guide

This hotel could easily be mistaken for a swanky art gallery with some of the most fabulous furniture, fixtures and finishes I’ve ever seen in a Caribbean Property.Β 

The beautifully located beachfront hotel is a hotspot for the trendy travel elite, think Miami meets Monaco. Though I only saw the resort at night I got a real vibe for the place and though I can’t offer too much as a ‘review’, with just one evening visit, I would re-book to stay here should I find myself heading back to Anguilla.Β 

Where to Eat

With luxury hotels lining the Caribbean shoreline it’s impossoble not to eat well in Anguilla. Some of the world’s best chefs have curated the menus at the five star resorts and you can indulge in the most incredible flavours and ingredients known but for the more casual and affordable eateries lunch in served on the sand at The Sunshine Shack.  

The Sunshine Shack

You can casually spend the day here and pull up a table or day bed to feast on Caribbean classics like rice and peas.,plantain and salad. Wash it all down with a rum punch and you’ve done it right! 

Anguilla A List - Anguilla Luxury Travel Guide


For a wander more wild Da’Vida offers a great lunch spot for more hearty dining options with sandwiches being the go-to.

Da’Vida is located perfectly close to the famous private shore called ‘Little Bay’ so it makes perfect vacation sense to grab a bite here and then head round to the secluded bay with a Kayak. Just like we did πŸ˜‰ Watch more in my latest YouTube Vlog here:

Anguilla A List - Anguilla Luxury Travel Guide

Maunday’s Club

Stepping it up in class but still in-keeping with the laid back ‘lime-in’ atmosphere of Anguilla, Maunday’s Club at Belmond Cap Juluca is the perfect evening hangout. The setting is so beautiful, food is delicious, drinks are fun and there’s live music to aid your enjoyment for all of the above.

Be careful with the cocktails however, don’t mistake the sophistication of the scene with the natural charm of the Caribbean……..the locals can pack quite the punch in the punch! You’ll be nursing a hangover with just two drinks so take it easy πŸ˜‰ 

Celeste at Malliouhana

Closing up this post with the ‘cherry on top’ for me, when it came to dining in Anguilla Celeste was my by far my favourite restaurant. Located in the stylish Malliouhana the Anguillan ambience here was second to none.

The open air, beach side setting allows a salty breeze to cleanse your palette before getting tucked in to the delicious a-la-carte menu. The Mediterranean inspired restaurant offers dishes made with the freshest ingredients and caters wonderfully to a vegan palette like mine. The food was so good I’m still salivating over the plantain a month down the line!

I spent just four days on the island and it’s forever imprinted on my heart as one of my favourite places to travel to. This guide was a little thin though right? Understood. You’d like me to return soon so I can share more with you………..LOUD AND CLEAR. 

Anguilla, I’ll be seeing you soon, that’s a promise! 



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