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Bagni Di Pisa, The Princess Room

With the demands of twenty first century living ever increasing our hectic day-to-days we all need a true escape from reality every now and again and what better way than sleeping through the night like Italian royalty and relaxing through the day in one of the world’s natural wonders. 

Following on from my last blogpost after spending a few nights at Grotta Giusti we moved on to the undeniably elegant and overtly opulent Bagni Di Pisa, a hotel with real class.

The dreamy decor extends throughout the entire grounds giving you a constant reminder of grandeur. Unlike many luxury hotels nowadays that impress guests with their mod-cons and minimalist open spaces, Bagni Di Pisa has a traditional glamour that gives paints the picture of a prosperous Italian history at every corner. 

When I look into booking hotels nowadays there is no question that the aesthetics of the grounds and rooms play a big factor into where I’ll pay money to stay. Whilst I may work in an industry where creating beautiful content in photo and video form is key I am also, naturally, a sucker for a pretty picture and when it comes to the rooms at Bagni Di Pisa you couldn’t dream up a better ”Good Morning from Tuscany” instagram backdrop!

I stayed in a Granducale suite and from the moment I opened the door it literally took my breath away and it took me all of 2 minutes to jump up and down on the bed like a giddy child and bursting in to disney songs, the room was like I’d stepped through the looking glass! As you can hopefully piece together from these photos the room consisted of 3 main areas, the plush seating area, a large bathroom and the beyond beautiful bedroom area.  I’m trying to limit the amount of times I describe the suite as a ‘princess room’ but it’s the best way to describe the feeling when you are staying at Bagni Di Pisa and the fairy tale continues throughout the hotel.

At every chance there’s a beautifully painted fresco ceiling to gaze up at and a wonderfully furnished walkway. The bar and restaurant area are quintessentially Italian and offer another step back in time to a Venetian palace.

The Dining experience really was five star to stand by it’s class, the dishes were divine and I was able to eat well and with a good variation despite my dietary requirements (gluten free & vegetarian). We actually enjoyed a wine tasting experience which was one of my favourite things that we did whilst in Italy, after learning about the history of the wines in the area, trying and testing them the sommelier then followed us down to dinner to pair our chosen meals with the perfect wines. [one_half][/one_half][one_half][/one_half]The hotel similarly to Grotta Giusti, has a lavish and extensive spa that boasts far more than just standard treatments. There is, in fact a number of swimming and hydro therapy pools, a salidarium, steam rooms and it’s very own grotto with thermal water pool. As with the first hotel of our trip, Bagni Di Pisa has an strong focus on wellness and utilising the famous thermal water than runs underneath the hotel grounds. You could easily spend a whole day pool hopping and if travelling during the warmer summer months there’s a large rooftop pool lending a hand to some al fresco relaxation.

The pool areas were very crowded during our stay as each area of the indoor and outdoor pools are open to public as well as hotel guests but that’s quite expected in a European spa.

As well as the open spaces there is the romantic and relaxing addition of am underground grotto with thermal a pool for couples (or in our case two friends) to enjoy. The cave was built in the 700’s but discovered and opened to the public more recently and the naturally humid environment is great for detoxifying the body and regulating blood pressure. You can privately book out the grotto for 20 minutes at a time and bathing in the warm mineral enriched water, whilst listening to the soothing trickle down the rocks was a wonderful experience.

For me, what really puts the hotel on the map, so to speak, in Tuscany is the residence’s location. It’s just a short 25 minute taxi ride from Pisa for those obligatory leaning on the tower pictures but more to my personal taste when it comes to exploring, it was just a 5 minute drive away from the sweetly cobbled town of Lucca.

If you, like me before my trip, haven’t heard of Lucca before then allow me to introduce you to the pretty town in picture form. It’s simply beautiful and has everything I look for on a holiday wander outside the hotel walls; shop filled streets, from recognisable stores to authentic Tuscan souvenir shops, stunning architecture in the form of historic churches and taverns and lively square of restaurants and coffee shops. Then, the most important factor of all when travelling to Italy, Gelaterias. As a self awarded ice cream expert, there is no better gelato in the world than that which is found in Tuscany.

Having spent just one evening at Bagni Di Pisa I’d happily recommend it as a perfect european escape, the fairy tale drama of the rooms, the opulence of the communal areas and the added bonus of the targeted spa treatments and unique facilities give the hotel a distinctive charm. The local town of Lucca also stole my heart and waking up in THAT bed was the dream!

Watch the full trip in video form here:

Sabrina Xx


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  1. May 7, 2018 / 10:22 am

    It’s simply gorgeous you must have truly felt like a princess! You look like one too 🙂

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