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and they call it the Off-Season

conrad-maldives-clutch-carry-on-www-clutchandcarryon-com-uk-travel-blogger-85-of-221Looking for that perfect paradise escape at any time of year?
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There’s a few destinations in the world that are fit for fabulousness all year round but in my opinion there’s no better location than The Maldives for absolute paradise! Winter and I have never really been besties, there’s something about a bright blue instagram that has me escaping the freeze every year 😉

Having recently arrived back from the Maldives I can now officially confirm that these beautiful islands are, in my opinion, the ultimate winter getaway! I have travelled to the Maldives now on 3 occasions, twice in the blistering cold of winter (November & March) and once in our summer (September) and each and every time, the weather has been beautiful.

If you want to get away for a week to enjoy crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, romantic sunsets and indescribable sea life encounters then The Maldives is for you, with temperatures staying above 27 degrees year round and a ‘rainy season’ that brings the blue skies down to just a 60% frequency The Maldives is the your best bet for that blissful utopia all year round.

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Low season is supposedly May to November but having just visited last month I can happily contest this so called ‘off’ season! In fact I actually preferred travelling at this time of year because the breaks in-between the sunshine filled skies were both beautiful and refreshing. We snorkelled in the rain, danced through the storm and witnessed the most beautiful cloud displays in the skies I dare say I have ever seen!





Often I’ll hear people dismissing locations due to ‘off’ or ‘rainy’ season and it breaks my heart to think you could potentially miss out on beautiful locations due to misconceptions. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many locations that can be very heavily affected by weather patterns, the far east being one of them (see my ‘Thailand in rainy season’ post here) but at the same time there’s a number of locations that are beautiful year round regardless of those short showers.

When looking into booking your next paradise getaway make sure to check reviews about the weather in those particular locations, if there’s speak of short showers only then the chances are you will enjoy the trip even more. The vegetation will be greener, the skies prettier and if you’re anything like me, the break from the heat is also welcome! Another bonus is the price of course, flights and hotels are cheaper during glow season, winning!

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These pictures were all shot at The Conrad Maldives, my favourite resort in The Maldives 😀 (See my full review here)

Also, whilst I have you here, I have been nominated for a UK Blog Award 😀 I would LOVE it if you could take the time for vote for me – you just have to click here: – if you like reading my blog it would mean he world to me!! x





Photography by Julia Lundin



  1. Bee
    December 15, 2016 / 7:39 am

    Great Post ?

    • Sabrina
      December 15, 2016 / 12:46 pm

      Thank-you hun x

  2. Kate
    February 1, 2017 / 4:16 am

    Great post! The sky’s look amazing xxxx

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