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A Dream Come True


From one of my favourite places in the world, to some new memories in the making. Guys, I have some very exciting news! 



First things first, this stunning location. I have mentioned this place so many times on my social media as this is the most familiar place in California to me. These pictures were taken in Los Angeles (The Hollywood sign gave it away I know ;)) on the hike that I walk every single morning when I am based in LA. This particular hike is called the HollyRidge Trail. If you want to take this particular trail it starts at BeachWood Drive so that’s where to type into your SatNav or tell your Uber driver. The hike starts in a residential area so you can park up on the roads nearby, walk up the road to the top and you will see a big orange/red gate that can look quite daunting but to the left side there is a door you can open and simply walk through.

The trail then bends and winds round all the way up to above the iconic HollyWood sign. Asides from these super stunning views, this hike is also a really great workout so my favourite way to start the day. There’s a few moments during the walk that aren’t signposted but if you are unsure just ask a local the way to the top. I personally always hike early in the morning so it has never been too busy, there’s the odd person jogging or walking their dog though so you can always ask someone.


It’s my favourite place because I love the contrast between the metropolis of Los Angeles and the stunning untouched nature of California. Here is the place I feel fully at peace and exited about life. I usually always walk it alone before filming to clear my mind and start the day fresh. This time LA marked the end of our Route 66 trip so Mems was with me on this occasion, hence the snaps 🙂

When you reach the top it really does take your breath away. It has a special place in my heart because working in the media and showbiz industry, the Hollywood sign inspires me so much and I am so thankful to have worked in such a demanding and difficult industry. I know people dream their whole lives to make it onto TV and into the Glossies and I am lucky enough to have achieved those dreams, be it on a small scale, I still count myself as the woman my younger self wanted to be.

If you walk it in the early hours you’ll reach the top on your own and it’s my personal advice to take a seat on the ground and look out to the ‘City of Dreams’ and make your wishes, thank your graces and plan new goals. I genuinely think there is something in the air here and I can’t recommend this enough, you’ll walk back down the hill bursting with excitement for life, trust me!

The Travel Blogger Bit: Take water as it’s an hour walk and there’s no natural water on the way, wear shoes with some grip but don’t worry about specific walking shoes as the terrain is mostly flattened, say hello to everyone walking past you – you are in America, people are friendly!




Now for the BIG NEWS!!! On the 17th of December Mems and I are going on another Epic road Trip. This time, we’re headed to Australia! We’ll be spending Christmas & New Year down under and I am so freaking excited about it!!

We’ll be flying into Sydney then heading straight to Cairns to start Route 55, travelling the coastal east coast all the way back down again to Sydney. We have 3 weeks to do it and I am planning every second of the trip myself. Here’s where you come in! Please comment below if you have any recommendations along the East Coast and also, for those of you long term readers please feel free to comment below if there is anything specific you want to see me do/see during my visit 😀



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