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Best 5 ‘beauty hacks’ before travelling to a hot country


With the end of the year rolling in I thought I  would share some of the beauty hacks I absolutely swear by before heading off to a paradise location. 

Let’s face it, as much we love jetting away, swooning over insane views, enjoying the ultimate relaxation and bliss that a pretty location brings, we also want to look good in our instagram shots right?! I know I do, that’s what makes this travel blog a little more unique 😉 So here’s my run down of all the treatments I’ll have before heading off to warmer climates.



When it comes to my face I have no intetesrt in wearing make up that will either come straight off with a swim or I will sewat off ! So the two pre-travel treatments I’ll have are on my borws and lashes;

Permanent eyebrows, roughly 9 months ago I had my eyebrows micro-bladed (essentially tattooed) and the result was an absolute game changer! For us girlies, our eyebrows are such a defining feature and to have them constantly perfect makes all the difference when you are living that make-up free island life. It’s also pretty handy for when you are back home as that’s one less make-up step 😉 I got mine done at Sian Dellar in London and I couldn’t reccomend her more.

Yumi Lash Lift, this was a new treatment I tried prior to this last trip to the Maldives, it consists of a permanent lash lift (think bespoke perm) and tint. The result is wide awake, defined eyes, all the time. The effect gives the illusion of wearing masacara but it’s completley set on your lashes so there’s no need for any daily application. I love the natural look during the day and then I’ll vamp them up with masacara in the evenings. It’s so much more effective than an average perm because it lifts the lashes up rather than just curling them, I really love the finsihed result and it lasts around 5-6 weeks.

With your brows and lashes constantly on-point there really is no need for any other make-up during the day. I may spruce myself up for shoots by using a tinted lip balm or my trusty Dior Lip glow but that’s all I need.


A Spray tan, my absolute saviour when travelling to somewhere hot. I am not someone who tans easily and even if I did have that dreamy skin type, sunbathing is just not for me, I bore far too easily and I am always so worried about damaging my skin or getting embarrassing pink tan lines! So instead, I use a fake tan before jetting off. If I know I’m going to be spending most of my time in swimwear I will opt for a spray tan from Fake Bake. A spray tan is far more effective and gives me a darker finish than if I self tan and I find it lasts so much longer. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I told you having spray tans before my tropical breaks has changed my life! I feel so much slimmer and healthier when I have that little extra glow.



When it comes to my hair it’s all about packing in as much moisture as possible before heading out into the heat and humidity so I always book in for a moisture and repair treatment at the Aveda salon in Holborn. It’s a 10 minute treatment that instantly refreshes and revitalises my locks, I have really thick hair and it’s rare to see a difference after a hair treatment but this one really does have a huge impact. My hair feel so soft and strong afterwards. It’s by far my favourite treatment when it comes to making a physical impact on the damage done to my hair due to colour and styling.


Shellac Nails, not exactly an inside secret right? Yet, still, a pretty handy product for any glamorous traveller. I have my nails and toenails painted in a salon with a shellac nail varnish and providing my nails are healthy at time the finish lasts 2 weeks. Not only does the colour last but the polish also stays lovely and shiny for the whole wear so you don’t have to worry about packing all your nail stuff. I don’t even have a nail file with me on holiday, that’s how much I swear by this polish.




conrad-maldives-clutch-carry-on-www-clutchandcarryon-com-uk-travel-blogger-130-of-221So there you have it, a few little beauty hacks that I swear by for those heated holidays! Needless to say this is not necessarily the only products I use when away, in fact there’s a link to some of my other travel beauty favourites here. These listed are however treatments, tricks that I couldn’t travel without.





Photography by Julia Lundin at The Conrad Maldives



    • Sabrina
      December 9, 2016 / 10:43 am

      Thanks so much hun! xX

    • Sabrina
      December 9, 2016 / 10:43 am

      Thank-you hun, it was! Pure heaven 🙂 x

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