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Exploring The Grenadines from Palm Island

Last month I travelled out to the spectacular paradise resort of Palm Island in The Grenadines. With stunning white sandy beaches and incredible house reefs to explore the island provides little motivation for guests to leave, that being said, there are so many amazing discoveries on it’s pretty little doorstep 😉

I was travelled to Palm Island as part of a hosted press stay and the lovely manager of the resort, Katie, was well and truly prepared for my arrival. It’s no secret that I’m a complete and utter ocean addict, from a very young age my affection for water has been my biggest love affair! So with this in mind Katie arranged three individual boat trips for my travel companion Emma and I to enjoy whilst staying at her immaculate resort.

The first of which was a dreamy sunset cruise on the island’s ‘Pink Lady’, a pretty sail boat that is reserved for the beautiful Caribbean sunsets. We took to the waters on the pastel pink ship with glasses of bubbly and some yummy horderves for a couple of hours to watch the sun set. We weren’t lucky with pink skies on that particular day but all the while the boat trip itself was lovely.

The next day we took to the waters once again travelling out to the pretty islands of Tabago Cays. The very location where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed and the home of some rather amazing marine life. We sailed out on a large catamaran with 4 other guests which meant oodles of space for us all to enjoy the shade and sun and with rum punch on tap and snorkelling gear on board we simply spent the day chilling with the locals, that is, underwater 😉

By ‘the locals’ I am, of course, referring to the ocean’s wonderfully endearing sea turtles and stingrays.

The boat anchored just a few hundred meters away from Tabago Cays and we were all able to jump in for the swimming spectacle. The turtles were the largest I have ever seen in water and it was easy to spot them from the boat as the sea was so incredibly clear and shallow. I ducked and dived to swim along with the gang and it was truly amazing to see them bobbing up and down in the water. I love watching turtles swim, there’s something so soothing and angelic in the way they glide through the water.

We also saw a few stingrays which was great, they weren’t as keen to swim along and pose for me though 😉

After spending time underwater we headed off to a beautiful local coast so sit and have a bite to eat with the real Caribbean locals 😉 One of the most stunning beaches I have seen in a while I have to say, made even cuter with colourful boats and hundreds of hungry fish to greet us!

Then finally ending our trip with some serious wow factor we took a private boat to a Unesco world heritage site, the teeny tiny Morpion Island.

A small sandbank in the middle of the ocean just 20 minutes from the hotel. From our larger boat we took a smaller dingy across to the island and when we stepped onto the fresh white sand we had to pinch ourselves in the realisation of how incredible it was to be the only two people there.

It was such an amazing experience, a completely secluded and private island with stunning turquoise waters surrounding us and a bright blue sky above. The crew had sent us off with a couple of beers and we took it upon ourselves to take a floaty 😉   

For a couple of hours we basked in the sunshine and frolicked in the sea on our own private island – it just doesn’t get any better than that!

On the way back from paradise our driver took a detour via another private mini-isle, Happy Island. A manmade island just 5 minutes away from the hotel which has a famous little rum bar for tourists. The island is beautifully and gleefully decorated in colour and the guys running the place are more than happy to show you around the islands living quarters (their home) in exchange for paying for a  glass of punch.

Staying at Palm Island was such an amazing experience and being able to enjoy these amazingly memorable experiences during our stay was truly magical!! I would highly recommend this resort to those of you in search of secluded paradise with a touch a adventure and a sprinkle of luxury! For rates and availability you can check and book via Virgin Holidays here.



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