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Four Seasons Seychelles

Whenever I would think of the Seychelles I immediately associated the island with The Four Seasons. Perhaps it’s because of the iconic dreamy images I’ve seen online or the way I’ve managed to escape through the pages of glossy magazine features of the resort. However which way my mind has wandered my heart followed and since my first awareness of the existence of The Four Seasons Seychelles, it became a dream of mine to stay there. 

They say if you wish for something hard enough it comes true right? Well last month my dream came true.

I traveled to The Seychelles with my gorgeous globe trotting bestie Aimee and we were treated to a week’s bliss in one of the most stunning resorts I’ve ever had the luxury of staying in.

Unlike a conventional hotel The Four Seasons Seychelles is beautifully built into the the cliff-side showcasing the stunning powered white cove beach that lends itself to the hotel as the perfect picturesque backdrop from most of the luxury villas 

The Four Seasons actually have two accommodations in The Seychelles, Four Seasons Seychelles and Four Seasons Desroches Island and this resort which is based in Mahe, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit both resorts within the same week. Though distinctly different in style both resorts shared a charm and level of luxury that is associated with The prestigious Four Seasons brand.

Mahe is the island within The Seychelles that international flights arrive into and the Four Seasons resort is a 30 minute chauffeured journey from the airport. The drive there showcases the rustic and natural beauty of the island but for me, it wasn’t until we started to arrive on site that the truest beauty of that picture perfect idea of The Seychelles came to light.

Upon arrival we were ushered to our rooms in a golf buggie and refreshing beverage in hand and after an lengthy flight we were thrilled to bits to be escorted to our private haven promptly. 

Upon arrival we were ushered to our rooms via golf buggie with a refreshing beverage in hand. After a lengthy flight we were thrilled to bits to be escorted to our private haven promptly! 

The villas are the pedastals that showcase the island magnificently but more on those later, there’s no doubt that the as with a rainbow, the pot of gold was at the bottom when it comes to The Four Seasons Seychelles. 

The Beach

The resort itself is built to show of the very beach that it surrounds. The entirety of it, must be some beach huh?? I’ll let you be the judge.

Though no photos will do the stretch of sand true justice even the glimpse of what I captured in these snaps below showcase how ridiculously gorgeous the beach at Four Seasons Seychelles truly is.

Whilst relaxing Ocean-side the full luxury Four Seasons service extends to plush day beds, towel service, cool bag kept water and even the special touch of room-provided beach bags. 

Watching the sunset on this very beach is absolutely what dreams are made of! The perfectly shaped cove and dreamy tropical colors continue to show off as the day turns into dusk. Pastels dance on top of the water with the last few twinkling reflections of the sun reflect the beauty of the ocean as the day comes to an end.

Most holiday makers retire to their rooms as the cove starts gets dark, leaving the now gold sand to be shared almost exclusively.


The Villas

Though I have done my best to showcase them through photographs, there’s something so off-the-screen special about the ocean view villas at The Four Seasons Seychelles. Each and every one is perfectly nestled into the natural surroundings. Built with an authentic wooden open wooden frame that extends out to multiple lay-out areas and a private swimming pool, the room’s windows lead outwards to the resort’s breathtaking views and pool from everywhere in the suite. Whether you are waking up to with the sun or choosing what to wear to dinner there’s an alluring sight to be seen. 

The outside space offers a seclusion and connection with nature like no other and the vast expanse of it makes you feel as though I have the entire island to yourself. 

Inside the area of the villa that has four walls there’s a spacious bedroom with all the amenities you require for a luxury stay and a poised yet comforting design. There’s then a large bathroom with a show-stopping bath, shower room, double sinks and dressing area…..all of which leads out onto the palm covered decking with an additional shower and delightfully, access to that dreamy pool! 


The rooms offer that romantic hideaway or quiet corner for guests to fully escape and unwind. Through perfectly precise placing of architecture and foliage every single suite has full privacy and with such a large outdoor space you could easily mistake your private quarters for an entire resort.

So much so that we didn’t even dip a toe in the communal swimming pool, had most of our meals delivered for us to enjoy on our veranda and even enjoyed a private yoga session on our patio. You need never leave your platformed palace. 


When it comes to eating out when you’re ‘in’ the Four Seasons Seychelles you will be pleased to leave your imagination at home because the dining experiences there will leave not room for it. Every restaurant has another stunning view and the food is in-keeping with the luxury deliciousness you would expect at a five star resort. The breakfast spread was for me particularly incredible with eggs to order and an extensive buffet spread to feast your eyes and bellies on!

The Spa

Though your mere presence in such a paradise location could be classed as therapeutic the physical spa itself is a must-visit if you are planning a trip here. Located at the very highest point of the resort the treatment rooms all have ocean facing floor-to-ceiling windows and open air bathrooms. There’s an extensive list of treatments but if, like me, you opt for a classic full body massage you’ll be treated to a sensual journey of ultimate relaxation! The spa uses a cinnamon oil which is a signature of the Four Seasons in The Seychelles and it’s one of the most calming yet invigorating oils I’ve ever had applied during a treatment, now every time I smell cinnamon I’m transported right back to that dreamy clifftop experience.

There’s something so incredibly special about The Four Seasons Seychelles, for me, it has the perfect mix of luxury facilities and untouched nature to be classed as a ‘once in a lifetime’ worthy holiday.

Though I was only on the main island for a few days there are a number of amazing excursions in The Seychelles to feed the mind a soul of those of us that crave a little adventure alongside our relaxation! 

I would recommend this hotel to anyone looking for serene seclusion but with the added option for exploring and socializing should your sandy feet become itchy! 

Sabrina x 


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