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Grey Days at Ruby Lilly Hotel, Munich

Making memories is tiring work………

A few weeks ago I swapped my swimsuits for sweaters for a rare and rewarding city break.  For the first time since June I left the UK on a pre-planned personal ‘holiday’ spending the whole weekend with friends and family. It was blooming lovely!

After a few weeks if swotting and practicing my A-Level German language skills I wrapped up, packed up and flew out to Munich. It was a short and sweet flight from London Heathrow and having never been to the city before I  was so excited to get out and explore the Bavarian city as much as possible. Sadly the weather had other ideas! From landing to taking off again the sun didn’t fancy joining us 🙁

That being said the glimpse of the city I did manage to catch was delightfully enticing enough to beckon me back again very soon!

Shining through the drab and drizzle however was our fresh white room at The Ruby Lilly Hotel. We were booked into the WOW suite for weekend and after a fuss-free ipad only check-in, our keys we released and we were up in the sky with our panoramic views of the city in no time at all. The room was stylish and spacious, complete with all the necessary mod-cons required for a sleek city stay and some ‘just-for-fun’ extras including a music amp and electric guitar……shame neither of us play!

The hotel was so perfectly located, you are a short walk away from most of the historical sites and public transport works like a dream in Munich. The hotel also offers cycles for guests so that you can stay above ground for the duration of your exploring 😉 

As well as the swanky rooms there’s a trust station on each floor with vending machines for snacks and hot beverages and also a handy communal steamer. On the ground floor there’s a bar that’s open 24/7 serving up some amazing cocktails and offering quite the trendy backdrop to start or finish your night in the city.  The bar area is also where breakfast is served as part in a smart ‘sit and help yourself’ manner. 

Ruby Lilly is a hotel that allows you to switch off without feeling like you have any obligation to do things a certain way and I loved that. The atmosphere is super chilled and sophisticated, the staff recognize you are a capable adult and other than cleaning the room once a day, they just leave you to it. Worked for us!

Though this post was really just to highlight our easy breezy city stay at Ruby here’s some snapshots of our city walk whilst I have your attention 😉

The famous Eisbach wave (Ice Brook) where surfers, no matter the weather and sub-zero temperatures, take to the water for city spectators to watch on in awe.

We were in town for the Christmas markets which was a real treat!

Munich, our time together was too limited and the skies too grey, I’ll be seeing you again soon x

This post is in collaboration with Ruby Hotels, my stay was complimentary. All views are my own.


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