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Hotel Living at Home – Royal Mint Gardens

Throughout the years you’ve joined me on every adventure, I’ve shared with you room tours of every plush hotel I’ve had the luxury of visiting around the world. Today’s post is like no other adventure however, this one lasted 9 months!

Having recently moved out it’s time to share with you our rented city apartment at Royal Mint Gardens, though it was our home, the entire duration of living here was a dream come true ‘vacation-like’ stay.


At the start of the pandemic I was living alone in West London in a studio apartment with no outdoor space and the boy was living in East in a city highrise seeing out the last few months of his tenancy agreement. Fast forward a few months in and we made the exciting decision to get a place together 😀 There was a lot of back and forth with our search especially with regards to the location but when we viewed this place online we fell in love with the idea of living in a new build.

With the move needing to take place smack bang in the middle of the pandemic we had to make a decision on the flat based purely on videos of similar flats in the building. We had no clear idea what ours would look like specifically with reagrds to the view and layout but we had seen the spec of similar units and decided to go for it keeping all our fingers crossed that ours was as nice!

We moved in in May and it appears the universe decided to commend our bravery by gifting us with the most incredible space, we really lucked out!  We saw the place for the very first time when we were physically moving in and the views were overwhelmingly beautiful! 

The flat was BRAND new so everything in the property was in perfect shiny condition with a large open plan living space, bathroom and bedroom. Though the rooms were not huge in size the floor to ceiling windows visually expanded the space tenfold!

It was furnished with modern decor and we only had to add a few mirrors and frames here and there to make it a home. That being said however, the entre duration of our living here really did feel like a hotel stay. If you can imagine, we had with all the comforts of a home and with stunning views of both the sunrise and sunset from our huge balcony,  I woke up pinching myself daily!

The building is based in Tower Hill, just footsteps from the iconic Tower of London and there is a communal rooftop for residents which, in my opinion features some of the best views in London.

As well as the modern apartments and rooftop views there is an onsite gym, swimming pool AND cinema room! We only got to use these a handful of times (gutted!) but it was such a treat to have them in our building!

The concierge team was wonderful and luckily for me I made a great friend in the building so I’ll be back to visit her (and these epic views) often 😉

Now it’s time for our adventure here to end but I can’t wait to share with you all the details of our next move! 

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