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Jade Mountain, Our Sanctuary in The Sky

There’s a rather general realisation that stress plays a bigger part in our lives today than it ever has and yet with today’s tech heavy world we have, over the past few years, made less of an allowance for time spent  truly ‘switching off’ off and relaxing. Even when taking our so called holidays now we spend so much time being a good traveller by exploring and adventuring that a day simply chilling by the pool is deemed a ‘waste of a day’.

Well what if I told you I have just spent 6 days in another country to my own but I spent the week in my hotel room, solely within the four (well, in my case three) walls of my own private sanctuary, leaving twice only to sail on my beloved sea.

Are you reading this judging that I barely left my room? In most usual circumstances maybe I would cast judgement over myself too but in the case of Jade Mountain Resort, those who step foot inside their quarters need never step out!

Just friday I returned from the most luxuriously relaxing stay at Jade mountain resort in Saint Lucia, one of the most unique and tranquil hotels I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in and a hotel that created memories that will stay with me forever.

The grand resort is extravagantly built on the Caribbean cliffside will all 29 rooms facing out towards the classic and iconic pair of pitons that stand tall in the castries area of Saint Lucia. The hotel is really all about the rooms themselves and the concept of each and every one is that your are immersed in nature even though you are in a man made environment. To achieve this feeling of belonging, the rooms, which are aptly named sanctuaries rather than rooms all have a common factor, they have no fourth wall. The lack of extra brick not only extends your space and offers guests uninterrupted views, it also allows for visitors to wake up with the sounds, smells and even touches of nature. Birds swoop into the room freely, the sounds of cicadas soothingly hum you a lullaby to sleep and your feathered friends with rise with the sun ensuring (with their rather high pitched songs) you don’t miss a moments light throughout your day.

I traveled to Saint Lucia with my beautiful mamma and we were lucky enough to enjoy two sanctuary’s whilst at the property, both of which completely took our breath away! The first was the Sky Jacuzzi Sanctuary, a serious sight for some jet lagged eyes! The expanse of space completely caught us off guard and like children at christmas we walked around the room giddy with excitement to explore. The view was stunning from where our final wall would have been and the picture perfect scenery could be seen at every single location in the room. There was a raised area with a large four poster bed and (much needed) mosquito net and on the same higher floor level was a large and completely open air bathroom complete with a deliciously deep hot tub! We had an additional bed on the lower ‘living area’ level and then the rest of the space was designed like a second home space with coffee machines, mini bar, loungers, tables a desk and dining table with chairs. There was also two wardrobes filled with ‘at home’ essentials like bathrobes, slippers, ear plugs, mosquito spray and umbrellas, there was also two yoga mats in each room which I thought was a really lovely idea and I enjoyed a daily sun salutation using mine 🙂

After a few days at the resort we moved up the scale in room categories and our second sanctuary was, if we could dare to believe it at the time, even more luxurious and breathtaking than the first. We were shown to our Sun Sanctuary on our third day and although sad to leave our prior room we were over the moon with our new haven. On top of the luxuries offered in the sky jacuzzi sanctuary this suite had a large sun lounging area that had the illusion of balancing off the cliff’s edge and then the added dreamy drama of a large infinity pool. I’ve stayed in a few resorts with pools within the room before but this was a serious pool, it was so big you could have a proper swim, and the pool itself was so pretty, gorgeously mosaicked with colourful tiles and leading out to the incredible view once again of the pitons standing tall in the Caribbean Sea.

The beauty of this room was like something out of a fairy tale, we woke up daily to the soft sight of clouds reflecting back up to us from the pool, all through the dreamy comfort of our muslin bed netting and with the playful morning orchestra accompanying our yawns!

We ventured out to explore the island by sea, encountering even more nature and viewing the hotel from the sea level up as an exciting change but more on that in my next post, asides from our two sailor adventures we unashamedly stayed within our three walls!

Each Sanctuary at Jade Mountain is assigned a team of butlers who are there for you 24 hours a day and provide service with a smile throughout the duration! You are given a mobile phone to reach your team of three whenever you need anything, be that a shuttle down to the resort beach, room service or even if you fancy a few rose petals being scattered in your pool, OK well the last one may just apply to us content creators but if I told you they bought up a bag of flowers and spent close to twenty minutes scattering the petals in my pool for me to take a picture you will appreciate the extent of how ‘above and beyond’ the staff are willing to go for their guests!

Jade mountain is located just a step away (a physical step!) from it’s sister hotel Anse Chastanet and if you are staying at Jade Mountain you are able to use all of the facilities of both hotels which allows you to enjoy all of the five restaurants on offer. The best restaurant is however, by far, Jade which sits at the very top of Jade Mountain in all it’s glory!

When fine dining in your room you can order from any one of these five restaurants and even request your very own special dishes! On two occasions I ‘made my own’ salad the chef was happy to oblige! For breakfast you fill out a form and leave it on your door for a magical delivery at your requested time in the morning, for lunch you can eat it where you fancy (we opted for a poolside snack every day!) and then in the evening if you let them know you fancy room service they will romantically set up the table for you by the pool with your own private view as the dining backdrop.  With no addition of technology in the rooms the ambience of nature’s tweets and chirps is your jukebox for the evening.

The food was especially incredible at Jade mountain and they catered amazingly for allergies and food preferences, making an item gluten free or vegetarian (or in my case both) was never a struggle for them and the choices from each restaurant were really varied whilst keeping the element of ‘fine’ dining at all times. They also had the most amazingly stocked bar and cocktail list, all of which was, of course, on hand at the drop of a phone call. Also ladies and gents, they had Baileys! (insert hands in the air and dancing lady emojis!)

As well as the gorgeous ‘un-leave-able’ rooms the hotel itself really is quite the dreamy spectacle, each sanctuary has it’s very own suspended entrance and the attention to detail to keep the resort ‘at one with nature’ is exceptional. The flowers and plants that fill the resort with life are so beautifully placed and really draw in the attention of guests who may not have had any interest in plants and foliage before. Every corner has a bountiful garden of delights and all walls are covered in gorgeous greens with pops of colourful and rare flowers, we were even shown one tree that was worth over two thousand pounds! What a thing to walk by every morning!

The Jade restaurant, which you can eat breakfast lunch and dinner in is also a true spectacle with the best views of the entire resort, understandable as it’s right at the top! I enjoyed a few yoga sessions in the clouds at the very top as well as a dreamy destination cocktail or two 😉

Every conner turned was met with beauty, whether that was the physical scenery, the added botanicals or the smiling faces of the staff the feeling of ‘walking on cloud nine’ is experienced in it’s truest form when staying at Jade Mountain!

If taking time out to explore and see what the country itself has to offer is more suited to your style of travel  then the island of Saint Lucia itself has so much to offer (which again I’ll be taking about in an up and coming post) but if the true meaning of a holiday escape for you is to relax, connect with yourself and nature and effortless enjoy your time away then there are few better places to book than Jade Mountain!

Sabrina x

Read more about the hotel and rates here.



  1. Nadine
    March 14, 2018 / 1:44 am

    Wow, this place looks incredible! That room with the pool, dreamy!! I am nudging my husband to read this as I’d love to go here for our anniversary. Thanks for sharing, glad you had a great time! X

  2. March 14, 2018 / 9:42 am

    I’m so glad that you loved it as much as me. It’s truly heaven on earth!!

  3. Chantal Borciani
    March 14, 2018 / 2:02 pm

    These pics are amazing. The hotel looks so dreamy. BEAUTIFUL! X


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