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Why the Maldives is a Perfect Destination for a Girl’s Trip

Following on from a recent blogpost titled ‘There’s nothing to do in the Maldives, that’s the point’ I’d like to offer yet another perspective on the famously beautiful islands. Contrary to popular belief, The Maldives isn’t a destination limited only for cooing couples and honeymooners, it is also a pretty great choice for a trip away with friends.

Last week I headed back to my home from home, Conrad Maldives, this time trading in the beau for babes! Having experienced the beauty of the resort now in every which way, the girls and I booked in for a little R&R and content creation week in the Maldives. Myself, Amy, Loanne and Jordan plus our photographer friend Charlie headed out to the land of the blues for an unforgettable trip!

With idyllic beaches and completely secluded accommodations it is understandable for people to think that the Maldives is a destination for couples only, it’s without a doubt one of the most beautiful locations for a honeymoon but having now visited the country five times I think there is so much more to the stunning scatter of islands than you may first think.

If I had one single pound for every time someone has commented on one of my Maldives pictures or videos saying that they would love to go to the Maldives but they can’t because they are single, I would have enough money collected to pay for another trip back! Yes, the islands are romantic, yes they are ideal for special matrimonial occasions but does this count them out for a trip away with friends? Absolutely not.

As a married woman of seven years now I enjoy nothing more than romantic trips away with the hubby but I have always been one of those ladies who needs to get away with friends every so often and just enjoy the company of my girls. In my opinion,  there’s nothing better than a tropical girlie getaway, late night chats about life, communal wardrobes, sharing beauty tips and tricks, taking ALL the photos and just generally catching up with each other’s busy lives whilst sipping on cocktails by the pool, you just can’t beat it.

All I would advise, if like me you think the Maldives could be a great option for you and your besties, is that you opt for one of the larger resorts, like, for example, Conrad Rangali Island. A resort that offers so much more than just the stunning scenery.

The girl’s and I spent one week on the two islands that make up Conrad Maldives and it was absolute paradise. We split ourselves between two of the larger resort villas, The Spa Water Retreats. The rooms were beautifully spacious with two bedrooms meaning that even when sharing we each had our own large room to ourselves then a shared bathroom. The two bedrooms with lush high ceilings and ample wardrobe space were easily blocked off from each other with a wooden blind allowing us to each have our own space whilst also sharing a room. There was also the option to have everything completely open allowing us both, at every point in the room a view of the glistening ocean. The villa was absolutely stunning as each and every one of the spa retreats are built above the clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. With this unique Maldivian feature it meant that not only were we sleeping above the soothing sound of the gentle waves but we were also offered some rather exclusive access to the ocean below! Our room lead out to a stunning outside space which featured plush sun beds, a huge hot tub and direct access to the water via just a few perfectly picturesque steps down.

Every evening we dined together as a five in the most beautiful settings, from private beach dinners to an evening meal on stilts in the sea at Sunset grill and with a table full of meal preferences and allergies we all ate really well, too well considering we spent our days taking pictures in swimwear 😉 The choice of twelve restaurants at the Conrad Maldives really helps keep the fun alive both for guests and their tastebuds but it also offered us, as a group, a cool change of scenery every night. It was like staying in our own little town for the week and what was also handy was the layout of the island allowing us to have fun at the table without disturbing the other guests of the hotel. Having the romantic element of seclusion also works really well for groups of friends! Just for a totally different reason 😉

After dining it’s quite an obvious observation to think that the evening’s entertainment is limited in the Maldives and due to the isolated nature of the resorts this is often the case. The Conrad does offer evening entertainment in the main bar but as a group of friends we much preferred to head back to our private star-gazing hot tubs with a a bottle of red to continue our own party closer to our home 😉

What really sets the islands apart for a group trip though is the multitude of activities and excursions on offer, from cooking classes to water sports there’s always something for guests to ‘get up to’. Eliminating any fear of getting itchy (albeit sandy) feet whilst away.  During our stay we went on some of the best escapes you can do if leaving the physical islands themselves. We ventured out on the Luxury Sunset Cruise with no more than 10 other people where we sailed towards the sundown whilst enjoying Champagne and canapés. On board the lavish yacht we were beyond lucky enough to spot pilot whales and dolphins jumping and gliding through the ocean whilst the pretty pinks filled the skies.

We also hit the waters again the following day on the Adventure Snorkelling Excursion. The tour takes you out to a few near by reefs for a guided snorkel and if you are lucky enough you can swim with some of the larger rarer marine life that lives in or passes through the Indian Ocean. In our case we were again, beyond lucky and spotted plus swam with manta rays and a whale shark. The experience was utterly incredible and as with everything even more memorable to experience as a group.

As well as the external adventures we enjoyed a cocktail making class, went kayaking over the house reef, practiced Yoga at sunrise, jogged the vast grounds and of course, chilled by the pool fresh cocktails in hand! We also relaxed experiencing some of the amazing treatments in the over-water spa which, had we not have already felt like a million dollars in our surroundings, tipped us over the edge when it came to our levels of contentment.

Asides from the fun ‘lifetime memory making’ excursions and activities there’s then the added wow factor of the awesome photos you and your girls can take whilst staying in one of the most instagramable hotels in the world. The Conrad Maldives was recently named by BT as one of the most instagramable hotels in the world (featuring yours truly 😉). Asides from the obvious gorgeous scenery and unique structures where you and your babes can get those enviable beach shots, water villa snaps and under-the-sea captures, you also have the aded wow factor of the famous Ithaa restaurant, the world’s first under the sea restaurant. It’s a best friends dream to wander beneath the ocean gazing up at shoals of fish and running giddily after sharks whilst sipping on champagne right?

The picture opportunities know no bounds at the Conrad and the staff are always on hand to help capture the moments, there’s even a designated instagram trail for guests to take should they be in need of additional inspiration. Content creator or not, there’s no doubt you’ll leave the islands will a camera roll full of ‘postable’ pics!

At every spent moment on the islands and every activity enjoyed, the girls and Charlie mentioned just how much they were enjoying the trip as a group and what a perfect escape it was for friends. Though it wasn’t a new experience for me having shared the experience of the Maldives with a few different groups of people prior to this trip, I couldn’t help but whole-heartedly agree.  I’ll be writing a full review on the Conrad Maldives in my next blogpost as it’s now been two years since my first write up but I wanted to share this particular post full of memories with you to squash any rumour you may have heard about the Maldives only being suitable for couples. The seclusion and wanderlust excitement is also the perfect spot for a group.

So now that you have been cleared to venture there sans partner, you just have to rally together the girls and decide when!

Sabrina x


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