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Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech, A Luxury Weekend Break

Marrakech, it’s been too long!

In the grand scheme of luxury weekend breaks, Marrakech has always been a top runner for me. It’s a year-round destination with gorgeously warm weather, spectacular resorts and an overwhelmingly authentic culture. All this teamed up with the vibrant nightlife scene…….the red city is exactly what I look for in a get-a-away.

Though it was my fourth visit to Marrakech, staying with Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech was like seeing everything with a brand new set of eyes. 

Marrakech is a destination that ticks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect 3/4 night trip and if you are looking for a luxury escape Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech is a fantastic option for minimum effort and maximum enjoyment.

The hotel is an impressive showcase of how seamlessly modern architecture can remain authentic. Though the spaces are bright and large, there’s a familiar Moroccan warmth with rustic textures and rich colours throughout the property.

In contrast to the smaller Riads that I have stayed at on previous trips to Marrakech, staying at Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech is far more of a resort experience, with numerous pools and restaurants on site. 

What I loved about the hotel is that you could spend your entire trip within the resort walls but still feel as though you are in Morocco. As a natural adventurer I am always keen to explore but if I was looking for a few days of pure relaxation in the sun (no matter the time of year!) it’s lovely to know that Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech provides a space to do just that.

The property is famous for having the largest swimming pool in Marrakech (2,000 sqm) and also being home to an 18 hole golf course but the star of the show in my opinion was definitely the world-class spa.

The Spa

The Spa at Royal Palm Fairmont Marrakech is a stunning spectacle aesthetically with a huge main pool area that’s flooded with natural light and perfectly positioned loungers for pre and post treatment bliss.

The interiors of the spa alone provoke a deep relaxation but the true depth of the beauty are within the bespoke beauty treatments.

I had a wonderful experience of enjoying my first ever hammam. I hope that sentence was read the way I intended, I have been to a handful of hammams around the world, this was the first time I ENJOYED it.

Hammams though widely popular can be quite an invasive treatment if you are not someone who is comfortable being naked around strangers. The tradition is essentially to communally bathe so all previous hammam experiences have been uncomfortable for me as I spent the whole process feeling self conscious rather than being able to enjoy the ritual. At Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech however , they offer the treatment privately.

The spa has it’s very own hammam which is suitable for either a solo or couple treatment, the steam room has two heated mosaic slabs and and sink to keep the washing ritual treatment completely intimate and secluded. After my body was cleansed, soaped, scrubbed, masked and washed (all whilst enjoying the heat of the slab and benefits of the steam) I made my way up to a fresh treatment room for a luxurious one hour massage.

I was able to fully immerse myself in the relaxing ritual and I would, without hesitation, fly all the way back just for this treatment alone.

The Rooms

In-keeping with their authentic yet extravagant theme, the rooms play a huge role in the luxury experience of staying at Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech . With high ceilings and more space than my entire London apartment in the bathroom alone, the suites really give the expression ‘Size isn’t everything’ a run for it’s money!

I mentioned the resort being home to the largest swimming pool in Marrakech, well the bath tub was the largest interior tub I have ever seen in a hotel room!

You can see the full room tour here:

What I loved about MY room:

  • The bed – I slept for 12 hrs straight the night I arrived ! It was large, comfy, fresh and there was an abundance of pillows.
  • The Bathtub – I’ve never seen a tub this size INSIDE a suite!
  • The walk-in-wardrobe – There was so much space, the tidy freak inside of me loved that I could spread out all my clothes, makeup and accessories in there without having to compromise on the rest of the room being messy.

I would personally recommend a room in one of the upper floors if you wish for privacy on your terrace.


Dining within the resort is wonderfully varied with 6 eclectic restaurants and bars. The food, where possible, is locally sourced. Fairmont as a brand is famous for being sustainably conscious and that ethos is very much apparent at Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech.

Al Ain was my personal favourite eatery, the traditional Moroccan restaurant oozes authenticity and excitement, from the moment you emerge out of the lift on to the second floor of the main building you feel as though you’ve been elevated up into the median itself!

There’s a traditional band that entertains you whilst you dine and the scene is perfectly set with a Moroccan menu and authentic interiors.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

With such a luxurious stay within the resort grounds there are few fitting excursions for such extravagance but one that really extends a wow-factor weekend break is a local hot air balloon ride.

You won’t mind the early wake up call when you can drive to just 40 minutes to the magical base camp. Ciel D’Afrique is a wonderful local company that offer daily balloon rides showcasing the vast and beautiful landscape of the desert below. 

There’s an entire village in Morocco that the inhabitants live solely off the income made by tourists taking balloon tour rides, it makes the experience even more special knowing this. 

The one hour flight is truly breath-taking and a one-in-a-life experience you may not have known possible in Morocco. 

After the flight you sit down for a traditional breakfast inside one of the Bedouin tents, it’s a really gorgeous touch to add on to the ride itself. 

The Medina – Souk

Would any post about Marrakech be complete without a collection of vibrant photos of the famous souk? Don’t worry, I have you covered 😉

I’ve strolled around the Medina many times during previous visits to Marrakech but this time as I was traveling solo, I decided hired a guide. With just one speedy call to the hotel concierge I was able to book a driver and guide for the entire afternoon for 80euros. Though I’m not usually one to pay for a ‘chaperone’ it was amazing how quick and easy it was to arrange.

I wanted to explore the medina with a guide for a few reasons;

  • I was traveling alone and whilst I don’t view Morocco as being unsafe, I wanted the security of a local with me
  • I wanted to see something I hadn’t seen before and perhaps wouldn’t find by myself
  • I wanted to learn more about the culture and history whilst enjoying the area.

I’ll finish this blog as I started – If you are looking for a luxury escape with a guarantee of warmth from not only the weather but also the culture and people, Marrakech really is perfect!

For more information about Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakech and to check room rates see here.

I was a PR Guest of the hotel, my accommodation was gifted but all excursions and travel was not included in my collaboration, all opinions are my own.


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