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New Year, New C&C – Our next adventure

Sabrina Chakici - Clutch & Carry-On - UK Travel Blogger - Youtube Sabrina Chakici (4 of 4)

And it’s up, my first ever YouTube Travel Vlog!!

So, I have once again taken the plunge and started my own personal YouTube adventure.
It’s a scary road if I’m honest, snapchat is one thing but full scale videos of me traveling the world with my friends is a really daunting prospect. Especially seeing as when you usually see me in TV I’ve had an entire team of people making me up and the lighting is perfect and I’m fully styled etc……I am for sure opening myself up to a whirlwind of negativity! But do you know what, who cares????

I have wanted to share more from my travels with you for a while but always been so scared to take that leap on YouTube.
When I am away I try my best to show you as much as I possibly can on my snapchat and instastories but unfortunately a lot of the places I travel to re quite remote and the signal/wifi isn’t strong enough to publish all my snaps, therefore I miss out chunks of my trip at a time.

So with those inevitable few days of assessing life goals and dreams over the New Year period I decided to finally take the plunge and join YouTube.

Six months ago I published a video about a trip to Santorini after being asked for a specific style of video to be produced by my management team and the production companies I was working with at the time but as soon as I posted it, it felt wrong, it didn’t feel like me. So I deleted the video and decided YouTube just wasn’t the right fit for me.

Working as a presenter I am comfortable with playing a part or adopting a certain style to suit the channel I am working for but I am always myself on screen at the end of the day. Vlogging and making YouTube videos however is a whole different kettle of fish!

After the debacle of the Santorini video I had to decide, did I want to make travel guide videos or travel vlogs? The produced, scripted style edits or the raw, personal behind the scenes style videos.

The heavily produced and polished style of videos would have been my first choice if I’m honest. I love my job and it’s my dream to one day host my own televised travel channel but to do these how I envisaged would mean so much more than Mems holding the camera up and me speaking in front of it (which is embarrassingly what we tried!!) it would need a full team to create the glossy style that I had pictured. It just wasn’t feesable with zero budget.

So after speaking to my friends, family and you guys, instead of scrapping the idea altogether I decided to start making videos of my travels and quite simply, of me. Sounds pretty narcissistic but at the end of the day that’s what YouTube is right?! It’s the personal interaction we have with each channel creator that makes up click that subscribe button.

So strap in for the journey as it will definitely be one! I have started a new channel with zero subscribers and zero videos and it’s really refreshing to have that fresh start!
My channel will be completely travel focused and will mainly consist of my own personal adventures but also some home filmed guides on packing, fashion and beauty essentials and travel tips etc.

I want my channel to be unique and in a world filled with over 1,000,000 youtubers it’s not going to be easy, yet, at the same time if I juts stay myself that’s unique enough for me.

I wrote a post a few years ago about my dreams for the future and my ultimate goal was to be an E! Host. It’s freaky how that planned out and through hard work and determination of working my nights away on The Jewellery Channel and guest starring on countless radio stations I finally achieved my goal and was the first ever and only ever E! Host for the U.K. & Ireland. Sadly the after a year contracted with E! the channel no longer needs a local host so my role is strictly freelance now but still, I set my goal and I made it!

My new goal is to host my own travel show and by gholly will I do everything I can to make that happen!
So making YouTube videos of my travels is not to become a YouTube star and have thousands of subscribers it’s to present myself to the world as I see myself, a TV Presenter who lives to travel!!!

It’s often said to you should keep your career goals to yourself as to not encourage others to do the same but after years of writing this blog if you are coming back to my site and reading right the way down to the bottom you have my trust and you also have my back! Those likes, those clicks those comments make the biggest difference to me and without you all I couldn’t do what I now do for a living. So I am happy to share the dream, also, if it’s online it has to happen right?! 😉

Sabrina xxx



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