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How to Live a Life of Wanderlust in 2017

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere’s a whole year waiting ahead of us and it’s our own responsibility to make it awesome!

First of all Happy New Year guys! So sorry for the huge gap between now and my last post, I have been travelling though the east coast of Australia so a) the wifi isn’t all that fab here and b) I’m actually enjoying a few days of actual holidaying with Mems 😀

I wanted to write an article as a nod to 2017 but with a little twist, I love reading people’s plans for the year ahead and what they learned from the year prior when the new year starts. My 2016 was quite the roller coaster but this year is going to be more than worth all the loops and backward moments on that ride 😉 I have some awesome trips already booked in and I can’t wait to start my new Youtube channel, I’m going to be vlogging each and every trip from now on so it’s going to be so much fun to share even more with you!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So with positive vibes in mind and wanting to put a travel spin on things as always, I wanted to write my 5 tips to living a life of wanderlust, whether you have the opportunity to travel frequently or a lifestyle that keeps you mostly local, these little life hacks are words I live by!

  1. Write a Lust List – ‘Hi my name’s Sabrina and I am a list making addict!’ I have and always will, love the art of writing, from jotting down my to do’s of the day to penning short stories, I am obsessed. I think lists have to be my favourite thing to write though. I live my life through one list at a time, whether it’s my bucket list or simple day plan, I swear by them! I would highly recommend that if you haven’t already this year, write yourself a lust list. It can be filled with the places you want to travel to, people you want to meet, things you want to buy or even personal goals you want to achieve. I like to make my lists full of ambition but reachable enough that if I do work my ass off, I could potentially achieve each item. My List this year includes seeing whales in the wild, learning to surf better and speaking more Turkish, to name a few 😉
  2. Live life for the day, literally. – Not the cliche mantra but physically, living life for the daytime! When I travel I am all about enjoying every possible moment of the day. I wake up with the sun and stay awake rarely far past the sunset. I tend to set my days back a few hours with a nice early breakfast and super early dinner. Evenings can be so much fun to socialise and mingle but for me travelling is all about maximising those daytime hours, I’d chose a lunchtime cocktail and sunset boogie over a blacked out evening any day! If you stay out all night chances are you’re sleeping in until lunch time so you’ve missed out on half a day’s light. Don’t do it kids! Save the partying for the sun 😉 One or two evenings out to experience the nightlife is often a must but I always do my best to set my alarm with the sun.
  3. Eat healthy & Workout – This is an important one wanderlusters! There’s nothing worse than missing that gorgeous sunset because you’re too knackered to run up that mountain in time 😉 Fitness and healthy eating has always played a big part in my life but now even more so, feeling good about yourself in a holiday snap is always good for the soul right?! 😉 Also, the training that I do really does help when I am travelling, swimming, jogging, rock climbing, surfing, I’m ready for anything!
  4. Find the camera that fits your lifestyle and learn how to use it! – Wasting your time faffing around with different cameras is such a waste of your time. I have to take photos for my job but I really love physically enjoying the moment as best I can, that famous saying ‘be present in the moment’ can easily be forgotten when blogging so it’s so important to actually enjoy the physical experience. Nowadays we are all so excited to share the photos of our trips on social media (blogger or not!) that we often forget to appreciate the moment. So my top tip would be to know exactly what camera you want to use at any given moment, spending 10 minutes working out how to use your camera (or which one in some cases) can seriously shave off time from that special experience! Before I got the knack I would try out all the different settings, switch my lenses, switch the physical cameras even! Now I know exactly which camera to reach for at any given moment and exactly how to switch up the settings quickly and efficiently when needed, it’s giving me hours of my life back 😉
  5. Don’t get stuck in relationships that don’t serve your spirit – In life not everyone will want to be your friend, no matter how nice you are to people and how much you do for someone, unfortunately, there are some people who will simply ‘act the part’ and use you to benefit themselves and then drop you like you’re nothing. It can happen to anyone and it does happen to everyone I’m sure but as sad and hurtful as it is, it’s all about the way you deal with it. My wanderlust tip for situations like this? Move on, be civil because the industry dictates so but on a friendship level, forget them, don’t waste your time with the wrong people, trust any negative instincts and spend your short time allowance each day with people who make you feel good about yourself. They don’t have to be your best friend but the second someone makes you feel less like you, distance yourself, don’t allow people to dull your sparkle! Those amazing moments mean nothing without people to share them with and it’s our responsibility to share them with the right people.

So there you have it, the C&C version of a 2017 pep talk 😉 The most important thing in my opinion is staying true to yourself and remaining positive and driven. The vibes we send out this year will be the vibes we get back, I genuinely think Karma plays the biggest role in fate, be good to the universe and it’ll be good back 😉





Photos taken at Conrad Maldives



  1. Bee
    January 8, 2017 / 8:46 pm

    Love it!! Really enjoyed reading this post. Certainly resonate with number 5.

    Happy New Year and keep Shining!!

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