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Perfecting a Stay in Positano

Postcard Perfect moments at every turn, I present to you, Italy’s Positano. 

A few years ago I was lucky enough to travel to the Amalfi coast and ‘pop in’ to Positano for a few hours. I was staying an gorgeous Capri at the time and with just a short while in town I knew that someday I return for a longer more exploratory stay. Luckily for me my dream came true this summer as my bestie Emma and I returned to the pastel coastline spending two nights in one of Europe’s most insta-famous cities.

Where We Stayed

After some extensive research into the perfect match of affordability and view Emma struck gold in finding us our accommodation. We spent our fabulous few days at Villa Mary Positano and I have to say, we hit the jackpot!

Our room was light and spacious with modern yet traditional interiors, it had everything we needed for the two night stay inside and everything Positano dreams are made of in the outdoor space.

The B&B had a wonderfully informative and friendly host who talked us through a map of the location; where to eat, where to explore and what trips were recommended upon our arrival, all of which was discussed over our choice of coffee, bonus! The daily breakfast served onto our personal awe-inspiring balcony left no room for imagination by combining a plentiful spread of food with the most insane view of the colourful hillside. There’s also a pool and lounging area which is a rarity on the Amalfi Coast, especially for the smaller boutique resorts, we took full advantage of both during our stay, pinching ourselves as we swam whilst swooning over the view.




C&C’s Positano ‘Low-Down’ 

The Beach

Positano beach is world famous for its beauty and rightly so, the unique juxtaposed backdrop of a colorful built up town with the glistening sparkle over the Mediterranean sea is just as captivating and gorgeous as the ‘inspo’ pictures would have you believe and the grand expanse of uniformed sun loungers just adds to the extraordinary showcase.

You can hire beds (two will come with an umbrella as well) and towels from the small kiosk at the start of the beach area (costing 16 euros per person) and you are allocated a space to relax for the whole day. Though you can take your own food and drink onto the beach with you, you can also order with the guys that seated you (they don’t advertise that they’ll wait on you but if you ask them nicely they’ll help deliver an iced coffee or margarita to you at their leisure;)). There are clean toilet facilities in the area and you can nip to one of the local eateries on the coastline to take a slice of pizza back to your bed as you please. It’s super chilled, once you have your spot you can come and go as you please.

It’s a pebbled beach so if you have sea shoes I would highly recommend taking them to Positano, walking on smooth moving rocks is not to everyone’s comfort and during the summer the heat on the stones in unbearable on bare feet!

The Town

Every single step you take in Positano is a picture perfect moment, literally. There are few places in the world with so much beauty crammed into one small place. Colorfully rich architecture, vibrant art displays, tantalizing fruit stands, imagination fueling artists, dreamy lace fabrics floating out into the streets from shop windows and all the while a consistent flow of wide eyed tourists taking it all in!

Have a little shop, indulge in a delicious gelato or stroll sipping on sour lemon slush just make sure you strictly allocate time for an aimless wander 😉

At Night

Unlike some wanderlust locations the ambiance is not lost when the sun goes down in Positano. The European gem glows at sundown bringing the view to life once again with the glimmer of lights leading down from the skies into the sea.

Grab a cocktail at Franco’s bar for the best view at sunset, drinks are pricey but the atmosphere is great. It’s a small hangout and there’s a queue everyday around the time the sun goes down so try to make sure you are there early enough to beat waiting too long for a seat.

After cocktails it’s time to dine. We spent one evening tucking into heart shaped pizzas at Chez Black and the other enjoying fresh farm vegetables and pasta at Capricci. Chex Black is hugely overrated if you ask me, we weren’t too impressed by the food and the service was super slow BUT you can tell it’s the ‘place to be’ on the coastline. Capricci was a smaller more attentive restaurant but again, nothing to write home, or should I say blog about in particular but as with most European beach destinations the more popular restaurants are often decided on due to the amazing location rather than the food itself and both offered the perfect mix of Amalfi atmosphere and THAT Positano view.


Positano really is a location that lets the pictures do all the talking. If you want to do more than just gaze up in awe from the beach or stuff your belly with doughy goodness there’s a number of options to explore the neighboring coastline and cobbled towns of Capri, Rappallo and Sorrento, you can also head out to sea to enjoy the Mediterranean gems such as the Blue Grotto. It’s so easy to book a ferry or private boat trip and they depart/return to town regularly throughout the day.

With our showstopping room views and plans for continued travel down the coast we were quite content with two simple beach and wander days whilst in Positano and though I’m usually the girl with itchy feet when beachin’ I was quite content with our lack of itinerary!

I’ll see you again P, that’s a promise x


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  1. Rajas Jawalkar
    July 25, 2019 / 8:28 am

    Nicely written and awesome pictures. Amazing work:)

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