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Seconds in Santorini

There’s nowhere in the world quite like Santorini, it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime destination and just to be perfectly sure, I travelled there twice 😉

Continuing on with my Cyclades series here on C&C I’d like to re-introduce to the blog the famously fabulous Santorini. The Bucket List location is the star of the show when it comes to the Greek islands and one of the few places in our modern edited world that actually does look just like, if not more outstanding than in pictures! 

The traditional architecture that spans vertically in town-sized pockets of the island create a whimsical and romantic view for visitors that is unmatched by any other location in the world. 

Santorini is a destination that for me, is all about the view and though there are beaches and boating day trips to explore the surrounding area I have always been someone who favours recommending a short ‘break’ on the island over a longer ‘holiday’. It therefore made the perfect extension and finale destination for our recent island hopping trip to The Cyclades. 

We stayed for just two nights and for me, that was perfect. 

After 10 days of adventure there were two things we needed to take into account when it came to booking our final few nights in Greece, comfort and cost! 

We soothed our lockdown itchy feet in the waters of Milos and dusted off our fancy wardrobes for dinners in Mykonos so Santorini was our time set aside for pure relaxation. 

Santorini is known for being a perfect the spot for just that, though, usually and understandably it comes at a high price so research is key when booking accommodation. 

With the unique set up of the island locations with a caldera view are the most desirable and most expensive but if you travel to Santorini and don’t opt for a room with a view you may as well be on another island in my opinion! You are travelling for that postcard worthy scene whilst you indulge in too much breakfast and perhaps sip a little too much champagne in the sun, you are not in Santorini for the adventure!

I mentioned in my Milos blogpost that due to the little time we spent in the hotel we chose a more low scale accommodation and that’s because I knew my money would be far better spent in Santorini. After some extensive pre-research I was lucky enough to find a great hotel that ticked all our boxes in the end 😉 

Cocoon Suites

The hotel was adorable with those show-stopping views you want and pay for! Our room was a junior suite so on the small side but perfectly kitted out for a plush stay. The outdoor space feature a jacuzzi (which was actually perfect temperature for day and/or evening dips), loungers and a dining area for breakfast. There was also an additional space, a cocoon, just steps away from the room where you could escape to lie down and read a book to just gaze out at the incredible view. 

Breakfast was pre-ordered the evening before and hand delivered in the morning, it was substantial and there was plenty of choice but the setting was what seals the deal.

We paid just over £550 for two nights, which is by all means a pricey stay but in Santorini with a view AND and jacuzzi/plunge pool a pretty great deal. 


We didn’t spend more than two nights in Santorini which was the perfect end to our trip, our first evening we spent wandering through Imerovigli, my favourite town on the island and where our hotel was based. Then on the second evening we ventured further to the exceptionally magnificent Oia. 

It wouldn’t be right to spend any time in Santorini with and no time in Oia, the honeymooners paradise boasts structured slopes of white and pastel coloured buildings are the reason Santorini is at the top of so many travel bucket lists around the world.

From Imerovigli a taxi is 20-25 Euros, throughout our whole holiday, this was the only island where we didn’t hire our own transport as we had every intention of spending most of our time in the hotel. I would otherwise, like when travelling to any of the Cyclades advise booking a car or ATV if you were planning on exploring the island more. Taxi’s are few and far between but if you book in advance possible and you guessed it, pricey 😉

When it comes to the town of Oia, it’s a stunning spectacle of Grecian architecture and one of the most magical places in the world to watch the sunset. It’s on this note that I’ll allow my photos to do most of the talk/typing……..

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

There’s a number of bars, restaurants and souvenir shops amongst the apartments and hotels here but the true wonder is simply wandering!

The famous spot for the sunset does get (alarmingly considering recent events) busy so if you want to get a good ‘place’ arrive early for the show 😉 We found the location too populated and decided against waiting in the crowd and opted to sit down for a lovely dinner instead.

We happened to luck out with our chosen restaurant as it was a stunning seat to watch the sunset and all the while serving delicious food 😉

Our trip to Santorini was short and sweet and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! The second time was indeed, the charm <3 


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