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Shangri-La Doha, A Magical Escape in Qatar

In a city with all of life’s luxuries on your doorstep, the Shangri-La Doha has a unique way of standing out from the crowd! There’s no escaping extravagance in Qatar, hotels really do have to go the extra mile to impress and a delicious freshly baked breakfast served bedouin style, fifty stories high is definitely one way to stand out from the crowd! 

Asides from the magical morning spread, the Shangri-La Doha has so much more to offer visiting guests. Whether you are staying in Qatar as part of a stopover or planning a week’s stay in Doha it’s a fantastic choice of hotel. The building itself is beautiful, luxury spills from every corner and the modern decor with a traditional twist is perfect for the city location.  The rooms are super spacious and every single one offers floor to ceiling views of the city. I was hosted in one of the Horizon club rooms and it was fantastic, as well as the sizeable suite, amazing view and gorgeous minimal decor there were so many extra amenities in the room that I loved, including a gorgeous complimentary beauty kit that included some travel size La Prairie products and a huge bath that filled in just a few minutes. The rooms are cleaned twice daily and even though there are over 40 floors in the hotel the lift service was never a painful waiting experience, a real rarity in a skyscraper!

When staying in a Horizon Club Room you are also treated to additional benefits of the coveted Shangri-La Horizon Club which includes all day refreshments for guests, a complimentary suit/dress press upon check-in and a complimentary luxury concierge. You also gain access to the Horizon Club lounge which is located on the 42nd floor, here you can enjoy breakfast with a view and a rather swanky ‘cocktails and canapés hour’.

Regardless of your room grade you can also enjoy the other amenities the hotel has to offer including the beautiful outdoor pool and spa. As the temperature was in the high 40’s during our stay the pool was our  haven! It’s lovely and large with sun loungers and plush cabanas to relax and enjoy a day by the pool. The high rise view is stunning, I’ve always found there’s something so unique and mesmerising about being in an outdoor pool with the view of hundreds of high rises above.

With just two days in the city, I sadly didn’t get to try out the spa but I did have a tour of the facilities and it looked fab. There’s so much to see and do in Qatar but it’s always nice to know you can book in a few hours for ultimate relaxation when passing through the city.

As well as the standard five star service and amenities, as those of you stopping to watch my video will have seen, the Shangri-La Doha has a rather incredible and accessible helipad. During my short stay in Qatar, the Shangri-La’s roof-top was the setting for two of the most amazing experiences I’ve enjoyed this year!

First up, our bedouin style breakfast in the sky! A morning treat that quite simply took our breath away and then filled us up with the yummiest croissants I have EVER tasted. The lovely team at the Shangri-La set up a stunning picnic-style spread for us to enjoy ‘high-coffee’ and watch the sun come up. It was amazing, the view from the pad was insane and the fact that we were casually eating breakfast on the edge of this vast space towering high in the sky was such a ‘pinch me’ moment!

Then as if the helipad of dreams hadn’t spoiled us enough, we were treated to a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ show from our very own British, Red Arrows. The mega show was in collaboration with Qatar Airways and it was unbelievably awesome. We stood on top of the very helipad we had eaten breakfast on just hours before and watched the incredible aerobats soar through the sky displaying their colours and show-stopping loops and swoops above the concrete jungle skyline of Doha.

The treat of our very own aerobic flying team (I am extremely patriotic about the RAF Red Arrows can you tell?!) gracing us with their presence during our visit to Qatar was not something that happens frequently but all the same I wanted to share it with you! Should you ever have the opportunity to see the Red Arrows (I’m already jealous) yay in advance for you, should you ever have the opportunity to visit Qatar, I highly recommend The Shangri-La Doha!

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  1. October 25, 2017 / 8:59 am

    What a gorgeous stay!! Looks like they have great attention to detail!

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