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Snapshots from Ibiza, Cala Comte

Babe, what are you doing Monday? My gal Amy asks me a few Friday’s ago, ‘nothing’ I answered, ‘Why?’. Fast forward 72 hours and we’re both on a plane to Ibiza……..for just one night!

It’s been a few years since I last visited Ibiza and for a small island there really is so much diversity when it comes to the scenery and atmosphere on offer. It’s always surprised me the difference that by taking just a ten minute taxi journey on the island cab make! You can be brushing shoulders with ladies that lunch, dressed head to toe in white and dripping in Chanel then just five minutes down the road you’re walking past the dilated pupils of a teenager in fluorescent clubbing gear!

We were ‘in town’ to celebrate the launch of Demi Rose’s collection with I Saw It First and the brand put us up in a fab hotel in the San Antonia area which is a part of ibiza I’ve never been to before but have definitely heard of! After a swanky launch dinner at STK with the brand and a wild night left to our own devices at Lio (which by the way is one of the coolest clubs in Europe and an absolute must visit if you are in town for a more sophisticated party!) we soothed our hangovers with Cheetos and dragged ourselves up for a beach day before flying back to the UK.

Staying in the San Antonio area for the first time I wasn’t sure where best to go so after speaking to a friend who knows the island well we were recommended Cala Comta as a great place to spend the day and what a great recommendation it was. The place is a Mediterranean mecca, it’s blooming gorgeous! A sandy beach, a little rustic boutique and an incredibly picturesque restaurant which I hear also has a DJ in the evenings.

It’s a place that I can easily let the pictures do the talking, a snapshot post just like our snappy one day trip! What I will say in terms of guidance though, the main beach area is pretty but also a little too busy for my liking. Rather than walking down into the terracotta building and the below beach, walk right and continue for about 5 minutes until you reach an absolute gem of a cove! We ate at the restaurant there called Sea Roques and it was delicious, just steps away you be greeted with these ‘Maldivian-esque’ views. The water  is crystal clear and the kind of turquoise that has us brits travelling hours on a plane to find! It was also pretty quiet considering it’s beauty so totally worth the extra walk!Until next time, Sabrina x


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