Swimming with wild dolphins in Mauritius

1. Sabrina Chakici - clutchandcarryon.com - Swiming with Dolphins Mauritius (1 of 1)I have recently returned from an amazing week spent in one of the Indian Ocean’s finest tropical gems, Mauritius. The clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and lush green mountainous landscape were beyond stunning at this time of year and the iconic pink sunsets quite literally took my breath away! View Post

The ‘Pay Later’ Shoes……

sabrina chakici - Bangkok - clutch and carry-on - klarma-5

Sawadee ka from Thailand! I’ve crossed the waters once again to explore a little more of this amazing country but before I start to fill you in with my travels I wanted to briefly catch up with you all about Fashion Week! View Post

Rome – The Guided Tour

Sabrina Chakici - Clutch & Carry-On - UK Travel Blogger - Rome Travel Blog - Italy, Roman Candle Tours (97 of 150)This city of Rome has long been a romantic love affair of mine and last month I had the pleasure of visiting this gorgeous city once again, this time I wanted to soak in as many sights as possible and learn as much as I could about the rich culture and extensive history behind this incredible place. View Post

Wild Koalas in Noosa

Sabrina Chakici - Clutch & Carry-On - UK Travel Blogger - Australia East coast Travel Vlog (3 of 194)When the beauty of the beach takes your breath away and then you look up to see a furry friend in the trees, Noosa, ladies an gentlemen is an absolute dream! View Post

How to Book an Epic Road Trip

IMG_4483It’s official, I’m a Road Trip Addict! Having driven two epic routes in the past four months I have learned a thing or two when it comes to the basics of booking a road trip. So naturally, now it’s time to share my tips with you guys, here’s my C&C Guide on ‘How to Book a Road Trip’. View Post