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A Flash Stay at Five Palm Jumeirah

It’s funny how travel works out sometimes, last Tuesday I woke up in Dubai fully prepared to jump in a taxi and catch my flight home, just hours later I was unexpectedly sipping ice cold sauvignon with phenomenal penthouse view! 

After missing our scheduled flight out home from Dubai (a whole other story to tell!) Inge and I needed to book a last minute hotel for the evening and without a second thought I pulled up to select The Five Palm Jumeirah. Having visited the hotel a few nights prior for drinks both of us has said  that we would love to stay at the night some other time and when fate knocked on the door with the gift on an extra night in the city, we didn’t hesitate when choosing where to spend it. 

It was the view from the famed Penthouse that captured our hearts those few evenings before and the entire atmosphere of the hotel just seemed to suit us, enticing us to return. Over the past few years I’ve traveled to a few different view rooftops in Dubai and even headed up to one of the highest points in the Burj Khalifa but the view from Five’s Penthouse is now my favorite in the cosmopolitan city. There’s something about seeing the glittering skyline reflect down onto the sea that gets me every time and the Five is the very best place to view it!

The hotel, to us, had already proven itself in terms of the stunning interiors and insane views but we had only seen the scene in the evening and therefore during the dark of the night. Checking in midday showcased a whole other stunning side to the property. The building itself is overtly impressive with towering clean lines and soft precious touches, the perfectly placed petal pond beneath intricate gold and white pillars seals the deal for a luxury welcome.

We decided to go for a ‘room with a view’ when booking and we were not disappointed with our suite of choice when we arrived.* The room was spacious and bright with modern art-deco style furniture and fixtures. The tri-colour design was fresh and fabulous with quirky details and the bathroom was absolute goals! Walking out onto the balcony however was the cherry on top of an already pretty sweet cake! The view was, as with the famous penthouse, a stunning sweep of the city skyline with the glistening sea in the forefront. Though there is always construction going on in Dubai (which is always quite the eyesore during the day but something you train your eyes to put up with after a few days in the sandy city!) it’s a great view point of the ever-expanding city.

The hotel boasts a private beach which is quite a rarity in Dubai and the small section of sand is lined with beach beds and towel attendants for guests of the hotel to enjoy. We sat and enjoyed our ‘lunch with a view’ and watched the sun light up the skyscrapers in dreamy pink hues as it went down in front of them. With just a few hours at the resort this was, for us, the best way to spend them!

Walking through the hotel the vibe is pretty electric, the whole space feels like one big, sophisticated party. There’s a ‘summer in the city’ atmosphere round the pool and then leading down to the beach area the chilled vibes continue. There’s a flower wall, plush seating area and a trendy bar. Five is definitely ‘The Place to Be’ right now in Dubai and the hotel have done everything they can to class it up in style, even the crowd in the hotel appears as though it’s been through a beautiful screening.

There’s a couple of different pools at Five with the most unique and ‘grammable’ of all being situated in the Penthouse itself, the pool makes for quite the unique attraction in the sky at all times of the day. In the day you can enjoy the unobstructed swim up view and in the evening the light show inside the turquoise water makes for quite the center-piece! The pool on the lower levels is gorgeously lined with palm trees and also comes to life in the evening  in-keep with the day-night glam of Five.


For those not staying at the hotel it is possible to witness the glam of the Five by spending some time at The Penthouse, you can grab drinks or food whilst enjoying the view or you can opt for a shisha which, I can say after some serious trying and testing, are the best in town! It’s ladies night on a Tuesday and girls, it’s quite the deal! Ladies get 3 free drink tokens upon entry and these can be traded in for prosecco, wine or cocktails. I advise getting there early (from 6pm) to get a seat but it’s the kind of place that you can easily hang by the bar or stand admiring the view if you do miss out on parking your bum 😉 If you want to eat or are certain  you’ll want an area to sit down with a shisha then definitely book an area/table in advance.

Should I return to Dubai, Five Penthouse Dubai I’m definitely re-booking here, it offered everything we needed for a city stay and it’s just so god-dam gorgeous!

Sabrina x

*We had a few issues with checking in as we had pre-paid the room prior to arrival and the front desk tried to charge us again, this also happened upon checkout so make sure you are on top of this as we could have easily been charged twice!


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