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Belle Mont Farm St Kitts

If my introduction to St Kitts has wet your appetite for visiting the Caribbean isle then allow me to introduce you to The Belle Mont Farm, where you absolutely must make time for during your stay, even if, like me, just for one unforgettable night. 

The famously fabulous Belle Mont Farm is well-known in for setting the bar high when it came to creating a luxury resort that’s sustainable and organic. Beautifully located on a former sugar plantation the farm and residence now offers tourists the opportunity to leave their footprints on the island without the damaging treads. The hotel’s main guest house is gorgeously colonial with a fresh open feel and the guest villas are scattered carefully on the islands lusciously vibrant Kittitian Hill.

Without swiftly moving on to highlight the beauty of the property what’s important to note is that the Belle Mont Farm’s Kitchen only features ingredients that are either grown organically on-site or sourced from St. Kitts or nearby Nevis. The farm also keeps all staffing hires within the country of St Kitts itself, training those who are island residents rather than hiring previously skilled workers from elsewhere. So the entire resort has the truest Kittitian culture running throughout and it’s something that even if you hadn’t have known prior to booking you would easily pick up on during your stay.

I only spent one night at The Belle Mont Farm but I fell in love with the residence’s ethos and style in just a few short hours.  Though the check-in process may not have been as smooth and swanky as a recognizable five-star service, the charm of the resort seeps through every corner and those additional touches that a more standard city-escape may require are simply not needed when the nature around you does all the talking!

The rooms are, without a doubt, what makes the hotel so special, with infinity pools that lead directly out into the lush rain forest flourished hills, extending down to an uninterrupted ocean view. Due to the clever placing of each forest hut you are able, as guests to feel seclusion like nowhere else on the island, all the while, being right in the thick of things.

The rooms at The Belle Mont are absolutely breathtaking with the idea of keeping you as close to nature as possible and your head, quite literally in the clouds. The villas are spacious with a huge central bed, bay window seating and high ceilings. The bathroom is open air with just the one wall and the rest of the structure is purely wooden fencing. The feature point of a roll top bath and his’ n’ hers sinks make for quite the ‘grammable’ bathe each morning and the whole bathroom offers panoramic views of the greenery and ocean. No matter where you are in the bathroom at any given time you’re both in and outside.

My room was room 301 and if I were to give you some solid advice it would be to request that exact room when booking Belle Mont Farm. My villa was completely secluded from everything and I had the most stunning uninterrupted view out to the ocean. I hopped into a few of my friend’s suites whilst on-site and mine really was the gem of them all. There was no part of my bathroom or pool that could be looked in on, despite the fact that there were no three walls!

One pretty neat trick that I thought was a really unique and welcome addition to the rooms was that every evening during turn-down service your room is transformed into a mini home theatre, the blinds are drawn and projector screen pulled down displaying netflix for you to watch from bed. As you are in the middle of nowhere, perched on top of Kittitian hill I thought this was such a great touch for an all round relaxing and enjoyable stay.  Just be sure to re-open your blinds before nodding off….I continue to explain why.

Though it may be an idyllic serene environment there is no way you’ll be opting for a lay-in if you chose to stay at The Belle Mont Farm, the view from your sleeping quarters extend out towards the daily sunrise and waking up to a pink haze above the ocean directly in-front of your blanket-wrapped feet is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s not worth losing out on for the sake of sleeping in! If you manage to kick off the covers and wander outside to your veranda the stunning pastel reflection on your private pool and the enchanting sounds of the surrounding nature will remind you exactly why you chose to re-open the blinds before tucking in to sleep the night before.

Though we had just a short time at The Belle Mont we did sample the island famous farm-to-table dinner which is held side by side the on-site fruit and vegetable patch in a gorgeous outdoor gazebo. The long table and simple table dressings make for quite the intimate evening and the hotel extends the booking to the whole of St Kitts rather thank limited the dining to guests of the resort only. The food on the evening was delicious and fresh and all paired with wine and a friendly smile from those who served it to us. At the end of the evening a heartening bonfire is lit and you can either wonder back to your private haven in the hill or take a car back to your hotel if you aren’t staying at the hotel itself. If you can’t spare an over-nighter, book in for this meal at least 😉

The Belle Mont is known for being one of the most expensive hotels on the island of St Kitts but when it comes to that bucket-list stay so many of us are happy to pay for nowadays I actually think Belle Mont is really great value for what you are getting. The rooms are divine and the sustainability factors seal the deal for me when it comes to justified splashing out! I’m confident I’ll return one day.

Watch the full room tour and resort come to life in my latest youtube video:

Sabrina x

For more information and booking details click here.

This stay was in collaboration with St Kitts Tourism, I did not pay for my stay but I was not paid for this post. All views are unbiased and my own. 



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