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An Unwilling Introduction to St Kitts

Though the island itself may be small, St Kitts left a huge mark on my heart. There aren’t many down sides to my job but having to share places that you would far prefer to keep a secret is definitely one of them! 

In today’s post I’m casting my mind back just a couple of weeks to when the warm Caribbean breeze was on my skin and a rum punch (arguably the third of my day) was being sipped slowly down whilst my eyes were gazing out past my sandy feet towards the ocean they had recently stepped out of.

Whilst my blog will soon be packed with guides for you as to where to stay, eat and play I wanted to showcase a few snapshots of my escape and share with you my first impressions of the stunning island of St Kitts.

Having traveled to the Caribbean a few times over the last few years I had an expectation of what I would be experiencing whilst visiting St Kitts but what I hadn’t expected was a stay that was so far removed from any other period of time I had spent this side of the world. What I loved most about St Kitts and what took me by such surprise was the truest genuinely untouched, island lifestyle and ethos. When ‘holiday-ing’ in St Kitts you really do feel as though you’re one of just a handful of tourists on the island at any given time. The enticing allure of being an outsider looking in is possible in St Kitts and yet all the while, those luxury touches are always at an arm’s reach.

St Kitts is one of those islands that I would actually prefer to keep all to myself and not spread the word but having been invited by the tourism board themselves I am, in turn, obliged to share the beauty of this Caribbean gem with you all 😉 The island is still very much a newcomer in tourist terms, it used to rely solely on the cultivation of sugar and the history of how it has developed through the years is still very apparently and accessible. The rich culture that lives and breathes throughout the Caribbean also streams it’s way through the island and the recognizable warmth of the people that this area of the world is known for is enough to lift the spirits of any of those who step on to the land.


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When all the sun beds are free but you still opt for bark marks?….St Kitts, Sunday Style #StKittsx2018

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The island is a popular stop-off destination for cruise ships and having spoken to some of the ocean expeditioners it’s been a long-standing favorite island. Now the island is starting to become more and more of a hot-spot for those looking for a luxury and idyllic stay in the Caribbean. Nowadays access to the islands from a far is much easier and for us Brits there’s direct flights twice weekly via BA (there’s a short tarmac stop in Antigua) making the journey to St Kitts more and more popular.

I spent the week exploring island and for such a small expanse of land St Kitts really does have a lot to offer like minded tourists! The beautiful beaches are a given in The Caribbean, the lush warm weather too but what St Kitts had to offer was the seclusion of such shores and the additional beauty of the rain-forest. Having the two alternative landscapes in one place makes for two totally diverse holidays in one. In the rain-forest you can wake up to monkeys on your doorstep at Belle Mont Farm or race through the skies on a four stage tree-top zip line or by the ocean you can watch the sunset into the horizon or jet ski from coast to coast.

St Kitts is an island that has a lot to offer those looking for a more ‘high-end’ luxury escape too. There’s a prominent air of class on the island and it’s becoming increasingly more important to the country to promote the island as a luxury escape. There’s only a handful of hotels with Park Hyatt St Kitts stealing the show as one of the best options for affluent travelers and The Pavilion for those looking for an exclusive and romantic get-a-way. There’s also a swanky ‘arrive by boat’ beach bar, The Salt Plage to offer that enviable Formentera, ibiza-vibe to the isle.

The island has a genuine happy-go-lucky feeling about it, though it may be small, the warmth in the hearts of those that live and work in St Kitts can be felt at every corner. The Caribbean has always been known as a joyful part of the world but there really was something about St Kitts that stood out for me. As with every Caribbean island I’ve had the pleasure of visiting there’s a real vibrancy about the island, rum o’ clock starts in the am and smiles are ensured all the way through to the pm! Just, how, I, like it! I never felt as though I was bumping in to other tourists and during every beach stroll I had the sandy shore all to myself. It’s apparent that the island is small but the charm and seclusion it offers makes it all the more special.

In keeping with the theme of failing to keep St Kitts a secret I also dusted off the vlogging camera during my stay! So she’s a little rusty (and she was travelling sans a video shooting helper!) but here’s my week in St Kitts bought somehwat to life in video form:

Hope you guys enjoyed the video and this intro to a brand new destination, stay tuned for all the finer details!



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