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Conrad Maldives – The Grand Water Villa with Pool

In the midst of madness we were lucky to enjoy one last week of calm in the chaos. Just a few weeks ago before the importance of staying home was announced, my man and I spent 5 nights of bliss at my personal paradise ‘home from home’ resort, The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.

It was my seventh visit the the idyllic islands in the Indian Ocean and Omar’s very first trip to the mirage-like destination.

For me, The Maldives is a place where all imaginations picture the same iconic factors; crystal clear turquoise waters, thatched roofed accommodations balancing on top of the waves and unspoiled powder white beaches.

The islands deliver on all accounts when it comes to scenery, that being said, if you are looking for a resort to fully exceed all expectations of beauty, romance and grandeur then look no further than The Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island.


It’s no secret for those of you who are regular readers here that The Conrad Maldives is my favourite resort in the world but for those of you new to my site, this was my fifth visit to the luxury resort and from the moment the sea plane landed on the familiar ocean fringe my breath was stolen all over again.

” The stunning scenery of the surroundings will allow for any hotel to make a mark on your wandering soul but the limitless luxury offered by the team at Conrad really captures hearts for a lifetime for those who venture across to the idyllic country of The Maldives.

Working as a travel journalist both here on my blog and writing for a number of high profile lifestyle magazines it’s impossible for my expectations of five star, luxury resorts to not be high. I’ve been lucky enough now to enjoy some of the best hotels in the world when and whilst that’s an amazing sentence to personally scribe, it does also, make me a critic by default. “

I took these paragraphs from my previous review of the island, it captures what it’s like to visit the island for the very first time and upon my recent return it captures beautifully everything I would want to say about the magic of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Whilst I have a string of postcard-worthy images featured in this post, I am proud to dedicate this to one of the latest accommodations to join the list of luxury villas, The Grand Water Villa with Pool.

The resort is split between two islands, the main island which is where our villa was based and Rangali Island which is the more adult-focused island. Both offer unique and stunning views of the Indian Ocean allowing every sandbank and palm fringed corner to offer another photo-worthy moment. On my fifth visit I still roamed the islands pinching myself over the reality of the beauty.

Conrad Maldives is a bare foot island escape and the sand that settles beneath your toes as you wander is the kind of soft white powder retailers bottle up. Then, just when you think ‘this place can’t be real’ inquisitive baby sharks and gracious sting rays frequent the shallow waters that surround the beaches and water villa bases. It’s a place that can truly be described as MAGIC. 

The Grand Water Villa with Pool

Whilst vacationing at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island there’s an amazing variety of accommodations. Should you be a returning guest (chances are likely after your first stay!), selecting an alternative room-type can make you feel as though you’ve discovered a whole new paradise. Whether you opt for a stunning beachfront or water villa the choice doesn’t end there, each and every category has its own allure and thankfully the choice has never been left in my own hands.

On this visit we stayed in one of the newly re-furbished Grand Water Villas with pool. This particular room type is based on the main island on a raised wooden village that is also home to the Spa and the Mandhoo restaurant.

The picturesque jetty leads out to the open waters featuring a hearty handful of over-water-villas which creates that dream-like painting of that exact view you would expect to see in The Maldives.

Where the jetty extends left and right to extraordinary views the villas vary in size and design on the inside. You can opt for the cooling option of a private swimming pool or the bubbling novelty of a jacuzzi built in to your outside space above the ocean. When it comes to the inside of the villa you have two rooms operated by ‘floating’ bathroom, this can either be divided into two bedrooms so families can share accommodation or, like ours during our stay, the second room can act as a living space. 

All four main sections of the room are superbly spacious in size and boast incredible views. The decor is simple and focused, inkeeping with an eco-friendly, laid back theme which is at forefront of all refurbishments and upkeep of the Conrad Hotels now.

The outside space of our own villa had a view that will go down in my travel history as one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. The space was incredible with those iconic heavenly steps into the ocean, a large infinity pool and lounge area. The ocean that lies beneath, around and beyond the decking is the clearest blue I’ve ever seen! A regular sighting of rays and sharks hundreds of metres away were a testament to the clarity in fact!

On this stay, for one of the first times since making The Conrad Maldives my ‘home from home’ I actually spent the majority of our time in the room itself.

There was nothing wanted for outside of our precious wooden walls, the view was my favourite on the entire island and we were poised and ready for the most awe-inspiring sunsets every night. I couldn’t recommend this room type more. 

Though I would have, as expressed, happily stayed inside our room, whenever I talk about The Conrad Maldives I always make a point to expressly focus how amazing the restaurants are and the best part……there’s twelve of them!

I’ve written an entire blogpost about the food at Conrad Maldives here but from my recent trip here’s some snaps from my favourites.

Koko Grill, has yet to be overtaken as my favourite restaurant in the whole wide world, it’s been seven years and forty or so countries since I first ate here and still, the case remains! The open air Tepinaki style set-up is a dreamy once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. The exclusive beachfront dinner setting starts at sunset and as you devour the SEVEN course culinary excellence presented to you by the chef, you watch as the pastel coloured sky turns to black.

After introducing Koko Grill, Mandhoo, is without a doubt my favourite lunch spot at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. The authentically designed stilt set, open air restaurant is a true Maldivian gem. With ocean views as far as the eyes can see, dining here is what dreams are made of.

Pretty scenery extends below as well with the location being a favourite for sharks to frequent but aesthetics aside, the food here has me salivating in seconds thinking back!

It’s dubbed as the ‘healthy’ restaurant on the Island, which it indeed is but it also has, in my opinion, the most varied and delicious menu of them all! I am biased with my plant based diet being well and truly looked after here but there really is something so special about eating nutrient rich colourful foods in such a picturesque place!

Another truly magical dining experience at Conrad Maldives is Sunset Grill. This is the famous seafood restaurant which is once again a structured floating illusion over the ocean.

Though the menu is not focused on vegetarian options I, none the less, ate like a queen 🙂 This for me is the most romantic of all the restaurants on the island as the ambience is so glamorous and serene with lighting under the sea that creates a gorgeous haze for a sensual gaze 😉 I defy any person not get swept up swooning whilst dining here! 

The grand finale of whim is, of course, Ithaa. The world’s first underwater restaurant. Submerged entirely into the ocean, the restaurant seats only a few at a time and boasts one of the most instagram worthy dining experiences of our time! The magic of watching bountiful marine life thrive above you whilst you take a sip of champagne below is a novelty that never wears off! The food here is as special and unique as the setting.

Whilst we’re all safe at home and working together as a world-wide community I hope I provided a momentary escape for you whilst reading this! For more of an insight into this very paradise click here for my existing blogposts. I’ll be adding another to the list very soon too!

Sabrina x


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