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Durdle Door, Blighty Beautiful!

The UK does it again, another pinch me perfect place to explore the best bit? This stunning spot is only two and a half hours away from London.

With a forecast for sunny spells this Sunday I decided to strap on the old hiking boots and set off for another Blighty adventure. This time, with just the day to spare I looked closer to home and travelled to our famous Jurassic Coast. 

With a friend residing in Poole I met her there after a smooth London-Poole National Express ride and we travelled in the car for the further 30 minute drive together. If you didn’t have your own stunning chauffeur greeting you (mine went by the name Inge Mae ;)) then the best way to get to Durdle Door from London is by getting a train from London Waterloo to Wool Bridge and then a bus or Taxi to Lulworth Cove. 

Alternatively you can hire a Zipcar just like we did on our last adventure 😉 Read all about that here. Once close keep following the road signs to Durdle Door and you’ll pass a caravan park which will take you to the main pay and display car park. 

We had intended a mighty trek but to reach the famous emerging archway from the ocean it’s actually a leisurely stroll of just five minutes from the carpark!

There’s scope for more adventure should you so seek it (pick a cliff, any cliff) but it was nice to know that the main viewpoint and beach was accessible to everyone. 

With limited time on our sides we decided to along the beach rather than high above it and enjoy the glorious glisten on the ocean as close to it as we could get!

Though it was 10 degrees and the water temperature was below freezing I went for a little Autumn swim never the less and though I couldn’t feel my feet within seconds of entering, it was one of the most invigorating things I’ve done! The water was CRYSTAL clear, people must flock here during summer, I could have looked out at the horizon and fully believed I was back in Greece!

We kept our butts on the beach to enjoy the sunset and I have to say, viewing the sky fill with warmth filled our hearts felt the heat too <3

These photos are aiding my case here but the sunset scene really was one of the must stunning I’ve ever witnessed. We were here for just a couple of hours but it’ll be an afternoon I remember for a lifetime.

It’s been such a welcome pleasure to explore more of the UK these past few months and I hope it inspires you to book your very own staycation or day escape very soon!

Our country is so beautiful and I finally have the time to explore it. Next stop……surfing in Bournemouth 😉 See you there 😉 


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