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How to stay positive in unexpected situations

Sabrina Chakici - Clutch and carry on -, uk fashion blogger, uk travel blogger - amari phuket-9It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

I recently spent a week in Thailand, I stayed at the gorgeous Amari Phuket with my wonderful friend Aimee and even throughout the stormy grey days we had the most amazing time. I would even go as far to say I’m glad it rained.

Having the pleasure of travelling so much for work I very often take for granted being able to explore another country past those picturesque instrgrammable moments.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has travelled abroad to a far away destination, spent a lot of money on flights and in most cases accommodation and arrived to a few days of bad weather. It always comes a such a shock when you are visiting a beachside destination especially. My plan for this trip was to relax by the beach, travel to the pretty neighbouring islands, snorkel in the colourful ocean waters and lay out as the sun set whilst reading my favourite book. It rained all day everyday and I’m talking torrential stormy rain , in fact not one of those listed activities was possible throughout our entire stay but all the while we had the best week away!

I will be writing up a few other posts about our stay including a hotel review and a post that lists ‘what to do in Thailand when it’s raining’ but these images especially leant me towards talking on a deeper level in today’s post. I think having a platform to share my outfits and travel diaries also comes with a responsibility to share some words of advice when it comes to everyday life.

I would never have classed myself as a positive person specifically but I have always been a go-getter. Sometimes this is to my detriment as I am always pushing boundaries and wanting more from life, constantly reaching towards new goals can hinder my recognition of what I have already achieved. This determination and outlook on life, however, is also a very positive way of living. In order to develop and succeed on new levels you have to make the best out of every situation.

In life, you have to live in the now and make the most of every moment. Had I not have ventured out in the rain I wouldn’t have been able to explore the other opportunities Phuket has to offer. I could have easily made great use of the hotel’s spa and room service whilst waiting for the skies to soften but instead I stepped out to explore in the storm and discovered beautiful hidden coves with these amazing crashing waves, I would never have captured these images and in turn, I wouldn’t have anything to post today. Everything happens for a reason.

I have such a tenatius attitude when it comes to my blog and presenting career. I was over in Thailand to create great content for you guys, to inspire your future trips and to give you somewhat of an outlook as to what Phuket has to offer. Enjoying a week in the rain wasn’t what I expected to be reporting on and yet, I’m so grateful and pleased to be able to share something a little bit different with you all. Whatever life throws at you, just go with it!

I am obsessed with the images in this post, I think they look like a high fashion editorial. They are without a doubt my favourite images from the whole trip, unfortunately we were only able to get these two published out of the series due to the shutter speed being so sow and tricky! All the same I love them and they, are a result of bad weather 😉 Turn a negative situation into a positive.

Trust things will work out. As you read up on my recent trip to Thailand, what I did, where I visited etc you will hopefully see how this motto created and paved our way throughout. I would be lying to you if I said the weather didm’t phase me at first. I travelled a long way to get some great content for you guys and also for the lovely team at the Amari Phuket, so arriving to the storm was definitely unsettling. Luckily for me, my friend and I remained positive, all the while trusting that everything happens for a reason and it’ll all work out regardless, and it did.

Life will not always be as you planned and treating every situation with a positive attitude is easier said than done but if you alter your perspective once in a while you may realise that the opportunities in life tend to always be when you least expect them.





Photography by Aimee Le Tourneau at The Amari Phuket



  1. Aarti
    June 7, 2016 / 9:57 pm

    Hi Sabrina, this post is absolutely lovely. I can totally relate to the stormy weather situation whilst on holiday – I was in the same situation when I visited Sicily last September. Absolutely gorgeous place but the first 3/4 days it was heavy rain and thunderstorms all day and night but my mum and I still had a great time indulging in the amazing food and wine. Luckily things cleared up and we were able to explore more.
    All of your advice on having a better outlook and turning negative into positive has really inspired me and I am trying to say yes to more things now which I am loving :). Thank you for a great post, I now feel a bit more better about taking my exams in the next few weeks. Photos are gorgeous by the way 🙂 xxx

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