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New York Evening Hotspots

I travelled to the amazing City of New York recently. Myself and two girlfriends flew out for a hen weekend, celebrating my bestie Kate getting married!

Before heading out for a few days I tried my best to do some research on where to go for the evenings. I think with most big cities it’s really important to maximise your time spent out there, you don’t want to travel to somewhere huge and end up going to mediocre places. There’s nothing worse than returning to the UK and knowing the coolest bar happened to be just ‘a stone’s throw’ from the rubbish restaurant you ate dinner at!

I struggled to find blog posts or articles that talked about the best places to grab a swanky cocktail and I found it even harder trying to work out where the best clubs were. Luckily we met all the right people in City (travelling as 3 girls has it’s advantages!) so we were lucky enough to be steered in the right direction. Having now experienced so truly awesome evenings I really wanted to write a short and sweet wrap up of the best places to go for a fab night out in NYC!

So here’s my personal favourites:

Bar 54 – The best place to spend your first night in NYC – bang in the centre of Times Square, the best ‘pinch me’ view in the City.

We loved this place, it is pricey but amazing for your first drink in the city. The views are unreal and the bar staff are so fun and accommodating. If you visit here you can ask for your own private light show 😉 If you watched the trip on my snapchat (Sabrina.chakici) you’ll have seen, if you didn’t watch it I won’t ruin the surprise 😉

It’s so fun to watch Times square buzzing below you whilst you sip on yummy champagne cocktails!

Loopy Doopy An amazing roof terrace bar at The Conrad New York.

The vibe here is fab, very sophisticated and classy with a super fun cocktail menu. The views are insane here too. A great spot to explore another side of town and capture great snaps with that amazing river sky line. (The featured images in this post were taken here)
They have these great popsicle cocktails here that are delicious!! They were around $25 and huge, the ice lolly contains the bulk of the cocktail, then it’s placed in champers to let the good stuff melt into the drink 😉 they are soooooooo good!
We planned to grab just one cocktail here but ended up staying the entire night. Such a great atmosphere and the best sunset view in New York.

Avenue The coolest CLUB in NYC

There’s quite a strict door policy here but that just proves it’s the place to be right?! 😉 It’s a small club with table service, the crowd is super cool and the vibe here is very plush and exclusive. The music was wicked, we actually ended up here twice in a 3 day stay, so we were big fans 😉 The place was booming every night and we always bumped into really cool people.

Up on 20 – Hyatt Herald Square’s Rooftop Bar

This is a fab spot in the City to enjoy a lil’ pre drink in the sunshine, it’s right in the thick of things with great views of the Empire State Building. The bar is big and relatively quiet so we loved to start the night here playing cards/drinking games 😉

It was like we were in our own little metropolis bubble!

Le BainThe ‘it’ club of the moment.

This place has a lot of hype! It’s a really swanky multi-storied club with an indoor plunge pool?! So random, but pretty cool. We spent most of our time on the rooftop which was fun. This place does have a lot of tourists though, I met far to many Londoners in here for my liking! I’m not the biggest fan of meeting people from back home when I travel (just one of my own personal pet peeves) but if that’s your thing this place is for you. Single ladies especially 😉

Up on 20 – Hyatt Herald Square

I was only there for three nights so sorry that my list isn’t that extensive, I just wanted to get this up in case any of you are in the exact same situation I was a few weeks ago!

I plan to travel back to New York for September fashion week so I’ll add to the list for you then. Please let me know of any other great spots you are aware of, having visited for the second time last month I’ve fallen in love with this city so something tells me I’ll be seeing a lot more of the big apple!


*Featured images were shot at Loopy Doopy



  1. The Viator
    August 1, 2016 / 9:14 am

    Hi, a lovely Post. I will be also in NY in September for the Fashion Week. Because I have a travel and lifestyle blog I would love to meet you if you have some time for a coffee or some drinks 😉

    • Sabrina
      August 5, 2016 / 1:14 pm

      Ooh! Yes let’s grab some drinks, sounds perfect – I always love meeting like mixed gals 🙂 x

  2. AIMEE
    October 10, 2016 / 11:43 pm

    I knew this was the place to go to find out the hot spots!

    Thanks for the great tips, gonna try them out next week! xx


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