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Kalapa Boutique Resort, Canggu, Bali

Namaste lovelies, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you the dreamy Kalapa Boutique Resort.

Just last week I spent 7 days in Bali on my own, I made a last minute booking after undergoing some emergency surgery and it was of the best things I’ve ever done! I’ll be creating some solo specific content over the next few weeks here but with so much to share from this incredible trip I’ll decided to start with the accommodations I spent my time in. I found some true Balinese gems and they each deserve their own post!

The first resort I stayed at was The Kalapa Boutique Resort. When I decided on Bali for my solo adventure I knew I wanted to spend some time in the trendy beachside town of Canggu. The location is a favourite spot for expats nowadays but still an up and coming area for tourists which makes it, in my opinion, one of the best places to stay when travelling to Bali in 2020. There’s a string of westernized restaurants, beach bars and shops but there is still a local vibe and more relaxed culture in the area as opposed to some of the more famous ‘holiday’ locations.

With my location set I searched for a hotel and what drew me to Kalapa Resort was it’s proximity to the beach, the varied choice of rooms and the free daily yoga classes. On the hotel looked pretty but upon arrival it was clear the photo advertisements of this property could never do it justice!

After driving through the madness of the area’s traffic and being navigated down the busy winding roads it was an amazing treat to go from so much chaos to the tranquil haven of Kalapa. It’s one of those properties you would never guess was there and whilst your inside the perimeters you wouldn’t imagine it was so ‘in the thick of things’.

It’s a true Oasis.

There are two large swimming pools and a restaurant between the two. Walking from one place to another is a beautiful stroll through vibrantly healthy flora and fauna and the whole resort seemed empty at any given time. This was an additional treat for a solo traveller like me. I felt like I had every inch to myself!

Breakfast is included in the room price and there’s a wide variety to choose from, there’s also a complementary afternoon tea where tea, coffee and Balinese cakes are served. Guests can also enjoy a free 10 minute massage and of course the daily yoga classes which are hosted at 11am.

The Room

One of the best things about travelling East as a Westerner is the value for money you can experience, especially when it comes to hospitality.

I upgraded my room upon arrival to one of the resort’s most premium suites, a Private Pool Villa. This villa also included a free floating breakfast which was a deal sway for me 😉

The villa was beautiul with a large bedroom looking directly out to a small pool and wall of foliage and an amazing half indoors/half outdoors bathroom complete with free standing bath.

The pool, though small and shaded, was a stunning touch and the layout of the space meant that you always had a view of the water. Linens were fresh, robes and slippers were provided and a daily clean and turndown service took place. The price of this room is just over £100 a night and yet, you feel like heiress just spending moments inside. A luxury stay on a backpack budget. 

I treated myself to a perfectly appropriate petal bath (at an additonal charge) and it was QUITE the daytime dream let me tell you! Waking up to a floating breakfast the morning after, I couldn’t have felt more immersed in Bali if I tried.

If this was an ‘insta’ trip alone I could have packed up my bags and returned home after just one night’s stay 😉 

The yoga sessions were fantastic and the staff at the hotel couldn’t do more to help and assist me during my stay. I would highly recommend booking here. Transport is so cheap in Bali so it was nice being tucked away but having the close proximity to all the hotspots and beach. 

My TOP TIP? Pack earplugs as there’s a number of eager roosters that’ll insist on having up before your alarm clock can make that decision for you 😉

Sabrina x 


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