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Le Pirate Private Island, Flores, Indonesia

Glamping……..on stilts, in the sand. Well this was a first!

Though you may be lacking the familiar comfort of four walls, when it comes to booking accommodation in Flores Indonesia, there is no better place to stay than The Pirate Beach Club.

You can arrange a day trip to the white fringed beach and haven or you can complete the dream escape by blissfully stranding yourself for a few days! Back in July, my guy and I decided to do the latter 😉

It was one of the most magical few days and a resort I will be recommending to you all as a Bucket List MUST on a backpackers budget! 

The resort is a stretch of white sand with chic wooden huts for rooms and the crystal clear ocean for a pool and as you can see from the pictures, there’s not much else too it. That’s exactly what makes it so special.

The resort best showcased through pictures though words will just help answer any questions you may have about life on the island. So here goes the write up:

Getting There

Le Pirate Island is based in Flores Indonesia with the closest mainland town being Labuan Bajo. You can fly to Labuan Bajo directly from Jakarta or if you are travelling from Bali there are also direct flights departing regularly from Denpasar.

The stunning resort is an island of it’s very own but only a small part of the isle makes up the sandy retreat itself. Quite beautifully the only way in and out is to arrive by boat and the hotel provides daily scheduled transfers for free to and from Labuan Bajo. They only take place once a day but you do have the option to pay for a private transfer if you need to make best use of your time there. 

We landed later than the scheduled transfer departed so paid IDR 800,000 (Approx £46) for a private transfer for the two us. We were happy to pay it as we were tight on time and the boat ride was a nice little excursion all to ourselves, it takes around 30 minutes on the water to reach Le Pirate Island and arriving on the water will give you chills of excitement even in the great height of an Indonesian summer. 

The Accommodation 

Can we call them rooms? I guess ‘huts’ would be a more appropriate term. Whichever way they were a dreamy place to rest your head. 

They are, like the rest of the resort, a simple set up. Up top is a mattress with fresh linens (which are changed and made-up daily) pillows and a net to cover the entire area. There’s also a plug socket and light which we thought was a really neat addition! We were not expecting there to be power on the island at all but this socket was super handy for charging up electricals! 

We stayed in one of the huts that lead straight out to the beach without any obstruction to the view and my goodness was that the luckiest lot of them all. At night the stars magically blanketed the sky and the sounds waves gently sent us off to a meditative sleep. Waking up with the sunrise is another whimsical wonder, the pastel display of colour surrounding the resort beach is a stunning vision you could never be prepared for! Sleeping here was probably one of my all time favourite sleeps, I’ll remember that starry sky above me and the taste of salt on my tongue as I woke forever. 

The Bathrooms

When its comes to spending a night (or two or three ;)) on the island there are shower facilities to ensure you can go to sleep feeling fresh. In a similar fashion to that of a land based campsite there are two showers & two toilets for each men and women and there’s a separate sink area in each ‘bathroom’. The showers are open air so super pretty and nice and large, trickily water as you would expect on an island but enough to enable a good wash. The lights are turned off at night so if you are used to getting up for a mid-sleep-wee remember to pack a torch 😉

I’d also recommend taking a reusable water bottle so you can brush your teeth with fresh water stored at dinnner. 

Island Life Day to Day 

Le Pirate Island is without a doubt a place designed for pure relaxation but itchy feet can be tamed during your stay…….by dipping them in the ocean! Asides from the obvious swimming you can hire non-motorised water sports such as kayaks and SUP’s and snorkelling equipment is provided.

The reef infront of the resort is incredible, full of life and vibrancy and shallow enough to break the waves for an easy snorkel. We saw a turtle on every swim and pointed out different fish and corals to each other on every submerge.

There’s also hammocks and a bar area to socialise and enjoy the view…….there’s noting else needed to be honest! 

The Evenings

There’s a restaurant on site and a communal area to relax in and around during the day where you can get your (included) breakfast and order lunch. The evening meals are a choice between a communal meal or a la carte, we tried both but preferred the group eat during which we stone-cooked our meal of tempeh and veggies as a couple. It was a fun way to dine and nice to have the extra buzz of other people also staying at the resort.

In the evenings we would stroll to the pier to watch the sunset before dinner which was beautiful, a little hands and feet climbing is needed but nothing too strenuous or scary!

Back at camp there are board games for evening fun or on certain nights they make an island cinema which was really cool. Everyone settles down on bean bags and they pull down a projector screen. Quite possibly the best cinema experience I’ve ever had!

I can’t recommend this resort more, it’s such an affordable dreamy escape! We paid £118 for our two night stay and that included breakfast. It was truly a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience!

See a full tour of the room and resort in my latest YouTube Video here:

Sabrina x


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