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How to look Insta-Perfect in Snow

“Mission to look super cool whilst not being, super cool, accomplished!”

I’ve recently been lucky enough to travel to some wonderfully white locations and although it was a shock to my system temperature wise, it was even more of a shock to my tropically inclined instagram feed! In a sea of aligned squares where I’m practically naked, wrapping up warm for minus degree weather whilst somehow keeping a little bit of symmetry in my grid was quite the task!

I am first and foremost a travel blogger but when it comes to sharing my adventures, visuals play a big part of my job so my personal style tends to go with the territory! I started my blog talking about fashion as I have always has a passion for style and though outfit posts are rare here on Clutch & Carry-On they still make an appearance when travel related (check out my style pages here). Today’s post has been very highly requested though so I’m happy to share my secrets 😉

Instagram is one of my most interactive platforms. I try my best to always listen to what you guys would like to see me write about and something that has keeps coming up recently is how I ‘keep stylish’ during winter escapes. I’ve recently been skiing in Gstaad and just this week returned from Iceland, both trips were snowy destinations and I’ve been so shocked and overwhelmed with the love and kind comments over my wintery grams. Whilst I will always be sharing my travels regardless of how I look (those of you who have watched any one of my vlogs will know this!) it’s always a gamble posting content that’s a little bit different to what you are used to! Packing for colder destinations is without a doubt far more difficult than city or beach escapes but having two trips under my belt now I’m ready to share…………..

Picking up on two recent comments on my instagarm, allow me to share a few secrets!  @Queenhorsfall Man, I usually wear jackets, warm shoes, when i go to places that have a tone of snow, you don’t look cold!’ & @emmavslade How do you look so good in snow?! I literally wrap up so warm in winter you can barely see my face and yet you have styled yourself so well. Are you absolutely freezing?!!. Mission to look super cool whilst not being super cool accomplished!

When it comes to savvy styling and/or looking good in sub zero temperatures there’s two main factors that come into play. what items you pack for the trip and how you rock them in front of the camera 😉

What to Wear

First things first, your actual outfits are key to keeping you warm when the weather refuses to. Whilst keeping cosy is the most important factor, if you are wanting to create ‘postable’ pictures then they’d also better be stylish 😉

Thermals – You NEED to wear thermals in minus degree weather, a long sleeve top and long leggings are the first addition to your body (after obvious underwear) before dressing for the cold. I LOVE having fun with my thermals so I always opt for a jazzy pair, my current faves are from Sweaty Betty and they keep me really toasty as well as looking fab. A thin fabric is best for keeping your frame once you’ve layered up so bear that in mind when buying yours.

(P)Leather Trousers  – The more common (and perhaps sensible) choice would be to wear ski trousers of salopettes and whilst they are great for keeping you warm, I’m yet to find a ‘fashionable’ or ‘flattering’ pair myself. Instead I opted for some faux leather trousers so that should it rain (or I have an obligatory snowball fight) the water runs off my legs rather than sinking into the fabric. Under no circumstances wear denim in snow! They may be warm but one wet patch will last you the entire day! Mine in these pictures are oldies from Zara but here’s some other great options.

Layer Up Jumpers – If you aren’t wearing more than one jumper then honey you simply ain’t doing it right! I personally wear one long sleeved tee/knit over my thermals with a thicker sweater over the top, making me three layers warm without looking bulky. A trendy chunky knight would also be a great option, if you opt for one with a polar neck you’ll kill two birds with one stone!


The Coat – For me, the coat you wear is THE most important aspect to a) Keeping warm and B) Looking stylish. I have two ridiculously warm coats that I swear by for keeping me warm. My Reiss faux fur coat (a few seasons old now sorry!) and my River Island faux fur trimmed parker. If I had a crop top underneath either I would still feel warm in London’s winter temperatures but in snowy escapes layering is definitely still needed! For your coat it’s really worth spending the time searching for the multi-purpose of looking good and keeping you warm. I’m sure the warmest snuggliest coat is of upmost importance to you but having a coat that looks good is just as important if you are planning to create your ‘trendy’ adventure pictures. *We established at the beginning of this post that this guide is all about ‘looking good’ in the snow so there’s no need for me to excuse my shallowness about wanting to share great photos when in colder climates!* Here’s my personal faves available now, fur hoods are perfect for posing and neutral, block colours look great against most scebery.

Hat & Gloves – I’ve never been the biggest fan of wooly scarves, if you have your outfit right there shouldn’t be a need for one but when it comes to outfit extras a hat and pair of gloves are an absolute must. Whilst I was in Iceland the wind was so icy that my ears felt as though someone was clamping them every time I stepped out of the car and my hands stung from the cold within seconds! Again, the obvious choice is a pair of warm ski gloves but if you are ‘in it for the gram’ they first of all don’t look to appealing and secondly make it rather impossible to take a picture, they are physically too big to allow you to press the camera shutter! Go for a pair of lined leather gloves and pack a few different hast to suit your outfits. With hooded coats opt for a beanie and with collared coats a beret or biker hats look great.

Boots – Most importantly footwear, there’s absolute truth in the fact that your feet are the thermostat to our bodies so keeping them warm helps keep us warm! As with coats and hats and gloves, it’s not easy to find a warm pair that also look good, but they are definitely out there! My personal faves are the waterproof collection by EMU, I live in mine, they have amazing grip to battle the icy walks and are lined with faux fur to make me extra toasty! I’d also love a pair of moonboots if I were to go to a snowy cold destination again, I haven’t tried and tested them for you but there’s no denying those babies are instagrammable!

How to pose

Now that you are all wrapped up and warm (whilst looking great) it’s down to the physical picture perfect moments and how to ‘stage’ them. I’m not talking about photoshopping or hanging off a cliff with just a hand’s grip, more simply, techniques of showing off a cold location with your pretty little self in it!

Play with your angles – More so than usual, playing around with your body shape and framing poses is the key to looking cool in the cold. Don’t just simply stand and smile release your inner Tyra Banks girlies! It may seem a little silly at the time but underneath all your layers moving your body into shapes (such as popping a leg to the side, lifting your arms out wide etc) will make all the difference when it comes to that still frame. It can transform you from a cocoon to a butterfly!

Use your outerwear as a prop – There’s nothing cuter than a cutie in the cold. A cheeky smile peeking through a fur trim or a warm grin above a wooly scarf is adorable on film. Play with your hood, pull together your coat and even nuzzle your nose on your glove covered hands. If you feel as though it’s too staged and sweet then you’ve probably hit the perfect level of endearing 😉

Pack Sunglasses – Even if the sun isn’t shining always pack a pair of sunglasses in your handbag (or pocket) when travelling to colder climates. Certain places can get so cold the wind makes your eyes bloodshot, not a great look for the gram! Sunglasses hide a multitude of sins and always look stylish and trendy in snaps. Use mirror frames in the snow to reflect the beauty of the white scenery for an extra glam glow and large dark frames when wearing chunky knits to chic’ up your look.

Drop the shoulder – The best way to create a sexy and photogenic body shape in winter photos is to drop the shoulder (or two) on your coat revealing the smaller frame beneath your outer padding! It’s something so simple but it makes ALL the difference for the photographic illusion.

Freeze for a frame – Here’s where the trickery and tips end, every now and again, when the scenery is so stunning you simply have to get that winner #inspo image, whip off those gloves and your hat and shiver for the shutter! Make sure your chosen photographer is at the ready so when you strike your pose it only has to be for a second!

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  1. February 8, 2018 / 9:54 am

    Oooh I need to get some Sweaty Betty thermals for my ski trip!

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