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New York, the weekend guide

Not last week but the week before, I jetted off to New York for an unforgettable weekend in the Bg Apple!

I travelled to NYC for my best friend Kate’s hen do, we actually surprised her at the airport and even though it was a short 3 day trip, it was one of the best weekends of my life!

Celebrating my best friend getting married in such an iconic city was so special, we spent our days exploring, our evenings partying and there was never a moment that the 3 of us weren’t doubled over in laughter.

This trip was strictly leisure, I didn’t want any attention away from my bezzie so I wasn’t intending on blogging about it but as I managed to get a few good snaps and I picked up some awesome travel tips I thought I’d share this little snippet with you guys.

Before heading out to NYC I struggled to find blogposts about where to eat and drink in the evenings, as we were on a hen do we wanted to know where the best bars and clubs were but I really struggled to find any write ups. So I will be doing an evening edit for you next week, just in case you are travelling to NYC soon and having the same issues!

So when we weren’t playing dare cards or making Kate drink the unthinkable we were exploring!  Luckily we all got the NYC Go pass which is awesome. It’s a booklet that contains tickets to all of the biggest attractions in the City. I’d really recommend this pass as you can save so much money, even if you only do two or three attractions you’ve made your money back. The best bit? It has a queue jump at the Empire State Building – this was so handy, would have queued for hours otherwise and as it’s such an iconic attraction we had to get ourselves all the way to the top!

It’s one of those places you must visit in NYC, the views are incredible and you really feel as though you’re IN town when you are above it 😉 Yes it’s touristy and busy but it’s still so worth it!

For me, when I think of New York, I think of Times Square – the hustle and bustle, the incredible lights, all the posters and excitement and just the general fun buzz of the City, naked singing cowboys and all 😉 (Refer to those snapchat videos of mine ;))

Just roaming around this vibrant maze of colour is the perfect way to spend a few hours.

Next up on the tourist ‘tick list’ was the Statue of Liberty, so NYC Go pass in hand we headed down to Battery Park and jumped on the Ferry.

I travelled to New York years ago but I hadn’t seen this attraction or this side of the city for that matter, shockingly as it’s such a worth while trip. We were so lucky to enjoy so much sunshine on our weekend in NYC  so everything was extra beautiful!

We stayed on the boat whilst it toured the statue rather than getting off at Ellis island. It really is worth the ride to see her so close, the journey itself is great too as you can see New York for what it is, an island. It’s so easy to forget when you are roaming round 5th 😉

When we got off the ferry we decided to walk a little, rather than jumping in a taxi as the weather was so lush. We had been told about a famous walk ‘The High Line’ and wanted to grab some lunch on this path. So from Battery Park we walked up the main street directly in front to find the start of the trail. We didn’t realise it was more than half an hour away! To be honest though, I am so glad it was. Walking up with the river on our left it was almost as if we were walking down Santa Monica Pier; roller skaters, topless joggers, picnics, people sunbathing, dogs galore – it was like we’d found the local’s secret strip!

They even had a gated dog park – how awesome?! Needless to say I spent a wee while here, cooing over the pups – much to our Bride’s dismay 😉

New York is a big metropolis with one huge park in the centre, so it’s so refreshing to see pockets of land like this to give an opportunity for those living further out to enjoy the outdoors!

We found the High line eventually and it was a real highlight of the trip.

It’s such an amazing walk and so simple, you start at Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District and walk all the way to West 34th Street, between 10th and 12th Avenue. On this particular walk you really get a great sense of this amazing city and it’s culture; iconic buildings, food markets, beaten tracks and modern art displays all whilst you take a leisurely stroll. We were lucky enough to enjoy it in the sunshine too which was a real bonus.



Another amazing place to visit in New York is, of course, Central Park.

We visited the iconic park on our last morning in NYC, we were pressed for time and very hangover (which makes everything take twice the time right?) so we had a spot of lunch at the very front of the park (close to 5th Avenue) and took a short a sweet stroll through. From what I saw it was a true haven in the big city, I really want to go back and explore more! I’m glad we only had half an hour in here, it’s given me the best excuse to get back and see more very soon 😀

Like I said…… a short and sweet travel post today but something I just had to share with you guys! See you next Sunday for the ‘Where to eat, drink and club’ write up. I really can’t get over how much we managed to squeeze into 3 days!





  1. jo
    May 9, 2016 / 10:22 pm

    I loved New York, most especially Brooklyn, its has so many small and artsy restaurants and bars that are just chilled.

    I think another trip to NY is due back soon… oh and San Francisco- the food in SF is just PHENOMENAL.

    Another wanderlust inspiring post!

    Jo x

  2. Lottie
    April 7, 2017 / 8:36 pm

    The high line is my favorite walk ever, so glad you found it! X

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