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Petra Bubble Luxotel

Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotelImagine sleeping under a blanket of stars, all the while snuggled up in your five star cotton count. Now pinch yourself to know it’s real.

Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotelPetra Bubble Luxotel - hotelIt’s no secret that Petra is an ultimate bucket list destination for world travellers, the home of a world wonder will always attract those seeking adventure but now, with the addition of The Petra Bubble Luxotel there’s another place to tick off the list, this time in ultimate luxury!

I recently travelled to the amazing country of Jordan, spending five days travelling through the most well-known areas and sights and it was a truly life-changing experience of breathtaking views, intriguing history and world firsts. Visiting Petra was definitely one of the highlights of our adventure but it wasn’t just the ‘Lost City’ that captured our imagination and hearts it was also the evenings we spent in Petra that played a huge role in our unforgettable experience, the time we spent in our own little bubble!

Mr C booked us in to the Petra Bubble Luxotel for an anniversary treat that he will now struggle to top in his lifetime! We found the resort on through a simple location search and we both thought the place looked perfect for a two night stay, little did we know at this stage of what was actually to come!

Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotelPetra Bubble Luxotel - hotelPetra Bubble Luxotel - hotelPetra Bubble Luxotel - hotelAfter travelling for hours through the desert our arrival to The Petra Bubble Luxotel played quite the trick on our already tired eyes as we saw the scattering of bubbled architecture in the distance. As we drove closer the resort began to look even more peculiarly special and with the backdrop of the well-timed sunset, by the time we arrived at the hotel’s reception building, we were blown away in awe at the beauty of what was in front of us.

It’s often just a metaphor when describing a place as ‘out of this world’ but words couldn’t write more true when it comes to the Petra Bubble Luxotel. A handful of large domed suites perfectly placed on the sandy mountain below us with a sky full of pink was like an oil painting I could never have dreamt. With it’s isolated location it really did feel like we were on a whole other planet but the warm greeting from the hotel staff and quick exchange of our luggage to the bell boys we were instantly reminded that we were, in fact, booked into a five star resort.

I will thank my camera for doing it’s best job of introducing this wonderland to you as it really is one of those resorts best described in stills rather than word but having showcased our stay live through video and images on my instagram I was inundated with questions about the Bubble Hotel, hopefully I’ve answered most of the burning ones below 😉

The Rooms

It is, of course, the rooms that make up of the resort’s mirage-like appearance.

Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotelPetra Bubble Luxotel - hotelPetra Bubble Luxotel - hotelPetra Bubble Luxotel - hotelEach room has an outdoor terrace complete with a large hot-tub, dining area and two sun loungers. Then the rooms themselves have a two door entrance to the wonder of your own living space, dressing area, bedroom and bathroom. Inside the bubble the magic is amplified with the stunning views of the mountainous desert accessible to your eyes from every corner of the living space. The bedroom is sectioned off so that you have an illusion of an open ceiling but the privacy of a sleeping area and then the bathroom is completely tucked away from view.

Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotelPetra Bubble Luxotel - hotelPetra Bubble Luxotel - hotelThe rooms are laid out so that you have no on-lookers no matter where you are in your room, they have been so cleverly designed that you had the open space to gaze out but the scalloped plastic walls create enough of a structure to feel like you are not personally on show. At night the plastic exterior is completely see-through exposing the sky of stars that Jordan famously displays brighter than most places in the world and laying in your bed you feel as though you are looking up to the naked night sky. You get to experience the beauty of the black blanket above with it’s shimmering constellations all the while in the comfort of your plush bed and duvet. It’s a sleep that I don’t think will ever be matched! A truly magical moment and one we were lucky enough to enjoy twice!

During the day the domes are completely covered to keep them cool and to also keep it even more private should you so wish.  The shade sheets are removed just before sunset every day.

Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotelPetra Bubble Luxotel - hotelPetra Bubble Luxotel - hotelGetting There

Setting the scene, we travelled to the bubble hotel all the way from the dead sea, we had a driver for the three and a half hour journey and we stopped at Wadi Rum desert along the way. The Petra Bubble Luxotel creates the wonderful illusion of being in the absolute middle of nowhere but in fact, it’s just ten minutes from the ancient city of Petra and the hotel offers a driver service. Whenever you want to get out and explore (no matter the time of day) you can request a driver to accommodate.

Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotel Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotel

The Food

The hotel has a large dining ‘bubble’ where guests can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a large space and due to it’s design can be quite echoey but the food and service make up for the colder atmosphere of the space. You can also sit outside to dine which we preferred. Breakfast and Dinner is served buffet style and the food was delicious, we didn’t have a meal time where we weren’t going back for seconds and thirds! There’s a waiter service for drinks but only soft drinks are served on the property. If you would like to drink alcohol the hotel is happy for you to bring your own but there is no way to buy any form of alcohol physically at the resort. The Luxotel is a family run property and they have chosen to make the resort alcohol free for personal reasons. They do offer shisha however and that can be enjoyed out on the terrace close to the restaurant.Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotel[one_half] Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotel[/one_half][one_half]Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotel[/one_half]

There was no option for room service but we ordered a pot of tea a few times and the staff were happy to bring it to your room. So if there are smaller requests they are happy to accommodate even though it’s not strictly an option.

Things to do

Chances are if you are heading to Petra you are heading there for the ancient city, the world wonder itself and therefore staying in the Petra Bubble Luxotel is an added bonus! The team at the hotel were really forward in suggesting things to do in the area and I won’t list the obvious attractions of Petra as I’ll be saving that for an up and coming post but when it comes to the hotel itself there’s more to do than meets the eye when in desert isolation 😉

Picnic at Sunrise – The sun rises behind the hotel which creates a dreamy pastel hue over the mountains ahead and as the hotel so thoughtfully provide warm jackets for each hotel guest (the desert gets chilly when the sun isn’t there to warm it up!) we snuggled on a blanket with a pot of tea to watch the sky become brighter and the day begin. It was a pretty special way to start the day.

Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotelPetra Bubble Luxotel - hotel

Shisha at Sunset – The sunsets we witnessed whilst staying at The Petra Bubble Luxotel were out of this world! Fitting seeing as we felt like we were on Mars our entire stay. Through our bubble walls or wandering, the colours that filled the sky were immense every evening. We particularly enjoyed a daily 7 Dinar (£8) shisha to watch the sun go down as the view from the recreational area was one of the most unique I’ve seen!Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotel Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotel

Enjoy the Hot Tub at night – It’s there for a reason 😉 The perfect spot to watch the stars (other than your comfy double ;)) and with the light show and bubble action, it makes for quite the romantic evening!

Petra Bubble Luxotel - hotelPetra Bubble Luxotel - hotel

In quick and easy conclusion if you are thinking of booking a trip to Petra look no further for your accommodation, it was a dream stay! The hotel is still finding it’s feet as it’s brand new so that means it can only get better 😉 The resort is booking up fast though as there’s only a select number of rooms so consider this a soft warning to plan in advance!

For prices and availability click here. We paid in full for our stay so this post in completely unbiased.

Sabrina x



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    Oh this is spectacular Sabrina! Mr C is brilliant at booking trips, he needs to give Mr S some lessons!

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