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Sandbanks Beach, Socially Distanced Day Trip’s, UK

Following on from my recent blogpost about reigniting my love for London, as the lockdown measures were loosened here in the UK I took the VERY first chance I could get to escape my teeny flat and drive to the beach.

It was technically a work trip for me so deemed as necessary travel but with the guidelines stating that here in the UK we are able to travel as far as possible within the country for exercise, leisure and work (as long as we return to home on the same day) I also combined a little play 😉

Though I haven’t been to many of our isle gems, the UK has a number of gorgeous beaches to be explored and enjoyed but there’s one in particular  that has always been a favourite of mine, Dorset’s Sandbanks. Named by many as one of England’s best beaches, it was quite the treat for quarantined eyes! The soft sand beneath my toes provided a therapeutic familiarity and the salty breeze was so welcome after two months of nothing but city air.

It was a simple day trip, I vlogged the day here but with just a few hours on the beach and all activities and outlets being closed for business, there’s not much to write about in terms of what to ‘see and do’. That being said I wanted to illustrate my adventure, now is a perfect time to explore the UK and I for one will (safely) be taking the time to see as much of it as I can 😀

If you, like me are desperate to dip your toes on British water here are some of the best beaches in the UK, 3 I’ve been to personally and the top 3 I’d love to travel to next:

Tried & Tested 

Brighton Beach, Brighton, East Sussex

Full of colourful character and excitement, Brighton is great option for a day trip to the sea spontaneously from London. The pebbled beaches and piers paint the perfect picture of a 60’s beach resort!

St Andrews, Scotland

If you are based further north, or happy to wake up at the crack of dawn before heading off to build a sandcastle, St Andrews has one of the prettiest beaches in Scotland. It holds a particularly fond spot in my heart as I’ve witnessed some of the most stunning sunsets here, it also has the most quaint little town to stroll around 😊

Fistral Beach, Newquay, Cornwall

If you head down South far enough to Fistral Beach you’ll feel as though you’ve crossed country borders to down under! The surfers paradise has such a cool vibe, the town is famous for attracting a younger crowd because of the lively nightlife scene but now that bars and clubs aren’t open it’s a great time to visit if you have a young family or want to just enjoy a picnic on the perfectly kept beach.

Next on the list

Rhossili Bay, Rhossili, Wales

Though I’ve not made it there myself, Rhossili Bat has been voted Wales’s best beach, due to it’s popularity for water sports, surfing and scenic walking routes, including Worm’s Head. There’s also regular sightings of whales and dolphins……enough to have me desperate to visit!

Weymouth Beach, Weymouth, Dorset

Another sandy sensation is Weymouth beach, the three mile stretch features all you would expect to see at the UK seaside, pack your bucket and spade and join the crowds creating your castle 😉

Three Cliffs Bay, Swansea, Wales

Three Cliffs Bay in Swansea is an amazing place to adventure and gaze in awe at the picturesque limestone cliffs. The se isn’t swim and sport friendly but the view and walking routes are enough to beckon a call to explore the coastline.

Who’s up for a road trip? 


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