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Our Cornwall Mini-Break, Portreath, St Ives & Lizard Peninsula

Last weekend the boy and I travelled to Cornwall, it was our first time that South & West in the UK but I can tell you with ease, it will not be our last! As someone who travels as a big part their job the lockdown of the world has been especially rough for me and therefore as soon as our government ‘Okayed’ domestic travel and re-opened hotel here in England I booked an escape faster than I ordered my Deliveroo 😉

With restrictions still in place, we wanted to travel somewhere where we could spend the majority of our time outdoors so the coastal walks of Cornwall were incredibly appealing to us both so we decided on St Ives having heard great things about the area and location.

Without a set of wheels of our own we hired a trusty Zipcar and drove 6 hours from the city to Penevrton, the roads were easy and it was a simple route with just a few windy country roads. 

Penverton Park Hotel

With the grand re-opening of hotels last weekend, most hotels were booked up but after a quick location search on we lucked in with our find!

We spent the two nights at Penverton hotel which was perfectly located between St Ives, the destination we were originally most keen to see and Portreath which was an added bonus! The property offers ample parking and spacious rooms, helpful friendly staff and a delicious breakfast. There’s an onsite gym and pool but due to our tight schedule and COVID restrictions we didn’t get a look in at either. Nice to note however should we ever wish for a longer stay 😉

Portreath Beach

The closest beach to the Penverton Park Hotel is Portreath, a beach that has fast become one of my favourite in Europe! As with all the sweet little Cornish towns we passed, Portreath is an adorable collection of pastel brick houses and local eateries with a beautiful public beach full of hip Southern surfers and sand castle makers 😉

Portreath – St Agnes, Coastal Walk

What made Portreath Beach so stunning for us however was the coastal cliff walks that meander around it. Cornwall is full of stunning walks, it’s a location famous for them in fact and though there’s so many documented strolls like to Lizzard Point and Lands End, I’ll be a little biased when I share with you that the BEST WALK IN CORNWALL is from Portreath to St Agnes. The best bit? Just 20 minutes into the stroll, you’ll have this very view!

Though we didn’t have the time or means ourselves there were a few adventurous kayakers who enjoyed the cove al to themselves, it was like looking through a window from Cornwall to The Philippines!

St Ives

After finding such a sweet spot during the day, we continued to cement that holiday feeling bu visiting the ‘local’ marina town of St Ives.

We were not disappointed by the beauty and buzz of the town and arrived in the early evening was perfect as we got to see the area both blue and golden 😉 During the day you can enjoy the beach or go out on a boat trip to say hi to the seals and in the evening it’s an amazing place to sit with a bag of Chips and watch the sunset.

The main street is lined with fresh seafood restaurants, chippies, ice cream parlours and pasty stands, then there’s ‘the island’ which is easily one of the most romantic sweet spots to sit and watch the sun go down.

The Lizard Peninsula

The next day we headed a little further east to take on one of the most famed coastal walks in Britain….or so we thought!

We stuck ‘Lizard Point’ in the Sat Nav but actually ended up pulling up to a car park just before reaching there and decided to follow our intuition rather than a map along the famous Lizard Peninsula. Our starting point was Mullion Cove and with a little guidance from the national trust path signs we wandered north up the coast for a good few hours, well, 14 km to be exact 😉 

The rugged coastline was incredible and the perfect mix of height along the cliffs edge and small sandy coves, the final part of our walk saw us walking along a stunning stony beach for a mile’s stretch. It didn’t make for the best trek path in terms it’s under our feet but it sure felt amazing to be by the sea!!!

After our hike we then jumped back into our car to take on the 6 hour drive home, this time, riding during the day, we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Stone Henge on the way back, an added bonus!

I just can’t recommend this trip more! It’s the prefect holiday for those who, understandably so, might not feel comfortable jumping on a plane just yet. The Cornish coast really took my breath away! 


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