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5 Reasons you need to add Zanzibar to your Travel Wish List

best things to do in zanzibar

I recently returned from the stunning island of Zanzibar where the rustic natural beauty of Africa meets the idyllic tropical wonder of the Indian Ocean.

The island which is situated on Africa’s East Coast in Tanzania has long been recognised as an enviable destination to travel to with gorgeous beaches, luxury hotels and attractive warm weather. I spent a few days on the island in-between a safari holiday to The Serengeti and my experience of Zanzibar was so good that I wouldn’t be doing my job as a Travel Influencer if I didn’t now list 5 amazing reasons for you all to consider this paradise for your next trip abroad. Tazania exceeded all of my expectations and I really couldn’t recommend a twin stay in between Zanzibar & The Serengeti more!

1.Beautiful Beaches

The pristine white beaches and alluring turquoise blue waters of Zanzibar are astoundingly beautiful.

best things to do in zanzibarbest things to do in zanzibarbest things to do in zanzibarbest things to do in zanzibarbest things to do in zanzibar

The Indian Ocean always promises some pretty ‘sand between your toes’ moments and Tanzania’s Zanzibar is no different. With similar beauty to that of The Seychelles and Mauritius the small island boasts some incredibly gorgeous and refreshingly sparse beaches in the South East. Paje Beach is a great example of the boasting beauty here with fresh white sand and striking blue water, colours that, even a cloudy day promises to capture your heart!

2.The Rock Restaurant

This cute little eatery is a must-see if you are traveling to Zanzibar. Located in the stunning South West Coast and recognisable by all local taxi drivers this private island restaurant and bar is a unique vision and an instagrammers heaven!

best things to do in zanzibarbest things to do in zanzibarbest things to do in zanzibarbest things to do in zanzibar

You will need to book in but it’s possible to visit just for a few drinks or food depending in your time allowance. Drinks are pricey in comparison to local bars but nothing outrageous if you are judging by a luxury hotel’s standards! We opted for the famous ‘Rock’ cocktail and were slurring within seconds (I can’t express in words how strong that drink is!!) and enjoyed watching the sun go down on the coast. I highly recommend going here 2 hours before sunset, spend an hour or so on the gorgeous beach taking pictures and enjoying the view and then travel over to the restaurant for sunset. There’s a boat that runs too and from the rock as often as people are there to ride in it so you needn’t worry about getting there, just book in and tell your driver where you are headed.

3. Kitesurfing

The beautiful beaches in the South East of Zanzibar aren’t just postcard picture worthy with crystal clear waters, this area is also incresingly becoming popular for the unique sport of Kite Surfing with a number of hotels and dedicated kitesurfing centre’s situated along the beach.

best things to do in zanzibarbest things to do in zanzibarbest things to do in zanzibar

As well as the hotel facilities and activity advisors there are a number of locals offering hourly classes on the beach. You can strike up a deal on your morning stroll and be on the water nailing it within hours. There is always a risk when opting for the more affordable option of taking a lesson from a local but as a frequent traveler my trust levels are pretty high, take from that what you will but I had an amazing (if not, knackering) time learning the sport.

4. Amazing Hotels

Zanzibar is home to some extremely luxurious hotels making it a difficult choice for world travellers opting to spend their time at just one.

best things to do in zanzibarbest things to do in zanzibar

Beach front hotels are most popular in the South East coast with their beachfront rooms in high demand. Two great options are Kisiwa Beach & White Sand Luxury Villas, both of which offer huge living spaces and lavish luxury touches as well as maintained swimming pools and beach access.

5.Incredible Marine Life

best things to do in zanzibar, dolphins

Zanzibar is one of the few places in the world that you can swim with wild dolphins. One of the most magical experiences you can have out at sea is, in my opinion, encountering these majestic marine animals in their own natural habitat. Even if you aren’t brave enough to jump in the water, watching their fins slice up through the waves is equally as memorable. There’s a number of day and half-day trips to go out in search for dolphins and two breeds swimming daily, it’s a rare occassion for guests not to spot them and a true highlight if they hand around long enough for you to jump in join the fun!

As well as dolphin spotting there’s a number of traditional wooden boats steered by locals that take you out snorkelling closer to your coastline base. Even on a rainy day (these photos were taken on a cloudy drizzly day) the water is clear enough to see the abundance of fish and numerous starfish that are hanging around in the Indian Ocean waiting to put on a show 😉

I’m hoping to have inspired you with this one guys, Zanzibar’s beauty really did take my breath away! For more from Zanzibar read about my favourite hotel there here and for more about The Serengeti you can watch my latest youtube video here.



  1. Lottie
    July 16, 2017 / 7:46 pm

    Zanzibar looks amazing! I’m definitely inspired Sabrina x

  2. July 17, 2017 / 9:31 am

    I agree, one of my all time favourite trips! Zanzibar is paradise on earth!!

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