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Travel friendly skincare that’s everyone’s cup of tea!

As a regular traveller it can be quite difficult to keep on top of a good skincare regime. This year my skin has been through it all, one minute I’m in the blistering cold minus temperatures of Swedish Lapland and the next moment in the humid heat of Tanzania.

My skin, like many other women’s I’m sure, is massively affected by the weather and working in the Media Industry is very telling when you don’t keep on top of your beauty regime. Until recently I would often switch up my moisturizers and serums depending on the country I am travelling too but just a few weeks ago I was introduced to an awesome new ‘Make your Own’ face cream.

Bio Extracts is an innovative new face cream and serum solution for those of us whose skin decides to wake up a different way every day 😉 The product consists of a base cream which has a formulated Multi-Lamellar system helping prevent hydration loss by mimicking the skins own natural moisture barrier. The cream is available in light (for oily and sensitive skin), Normal and Rich (for dry skin). and smells divine! Having opted for the normal consistency myself I am really impressed by the revitalising nature of the product and how quickly it sinks into my skin.

The best bit? This cream can be customised on a daily basis with a boost!

Bio Extracts has developed a number of additional serums that can be mixed into the face cream to suit your own personal complexion. From ant-redness to pore reducing the 11 different boosts are designed to tackle each and every skin woe.

You can use up to four boosts in one application but I have been choosing one a day to reflect the way my skin is feeling and where I am in the world. Most recently I traveled to Las Vegas and due to the week long party in ‘the city that never sleeps’ my skin was in desperate need of a boost most mornings 😉 So using the easy pump and mix technique (the face cream’s bottle is designed easily so that you push down on the top and the product is released upwards allowing you to mix in the boosts on the surface of the tub) I mixed in 4 pumps of Glow Boost with my cream and applied. My skin looked and felt refreshed and it was a great dewy base for my make-up.

In the evening I’ll opt for the anti-wrinkle boost because well, 30 came knocking on my door and decided to stay this year! If I am re-applying makeup throughout the day or if I have a shower before a night event I will use the pore minimising booster with my face cream before applying my make-up. It’s the perfect sealing base for my foundation as it acts like a primer and moisturizer in one.

I’ve been getting on so well with this mix and match regime for the past few weeks and luckily both the face cream and boosters are all less than 100ml so I can travel with them. What I also love about this product is that fact that it’s created from Vegan ingredients. As you’ll know the protection of animals worldwide is really important to me and it’s so amazing to see more and more up and coming brands utilising animal friendly ingredients. It’s also a really well cultured story as to how the company was created itself, one that warms my heart actually as it was from the founders love for travel and experiences with women from around the world that Bio Extracts was born. From generation to generation women passed down their beauty secrets and skin hang ups to try and create the perfect product. Turns out there’s an easy way to make one cream treat all!

This post was a sponsored collaboration with Bio Extracts, all views and opinions are very much my own.


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  1. Laura
    July 27, 2017 / 1:23 am

    I saw this on your snapchat, sounds perfect for me as my skin is all over the place lately!

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